Survey Result for "Appeal to Tentacle Erotica"

   If you'd like to see the survey itself, follow this link:

   I received about a dozen messages explaining why they like tentacle erotica or at least how they approach the concept. Most submitters were specified as males. There were also one agender, one female, and a few unspecified.

   From what I can gather, regardless of genders, everyone was on board with cuddles and multiple stimulations. Some other variations were the element of the consensual sex, the show of dominator's strength, limitless variety of appendages, unnegotiable monster's nature for lust, its inescapability, and etc.
   Some males have specified that penetration or featuring penis were turn-offs, which I'm wondering if other genders would say the same. But other than that, I don't have enough data to compare in between genders. So I'm just going to go with "tentacle sex discriminates no genders" for now, which is great.

   One thing I'm cautious about is how what I analyzed from the answers for this survey sounded a lot like what I've always been making. Some of the reasons how that could have happened are because:
   - I am focusing on reading the points that I like from the answers rather than having a neutral point of view about it,
   - I have successfully attracted the like-minded people to my blogs, and reading their answers is like listening to myself (which is awesome),
   - maybe despite the vulgar stigma of tentacle sex and the porn industry, many actually enjoy "finer things in life" of those,
   - or maybe there are a ton of vulgar people who don't read or write and I just haven't talked to one yet.

   I may need to do this survey outside of my blogs, maybe Reddit or Quora.


   Below are all the survey answers that I was told I'm allowed to share. I did not share any that didn't mention whether I can share it or not or preferred it not to be shared.
   If your answer isn't here and wish it to be shared or if you see yours that you want it to be removed, let me know.

- Anonymous Male 1
"Not too into it, however it does grab my interest when its consensual, not fatal in anyway and the female who's the target is enjoying it.

Bonus points for it massaging her, almost becoming suit on her (covering her from neck to toe) and the tenticals care for her almost pamper her and make her just feel like she's in heaven.
Dial it up a bit if she gets pregnant with its offspring."

- Anonymous Male 2
"I find it fascinating to observe a woman in ecstasy and ultimately orgasm!! This can be as a result of many situations and interactions. I am intrigued by women being attracted to another living thing that may actually want to eat them but the titillation is worth the risk to them!"

- Anonymous Male 3
"It’s difficult to pin down one reason or element of tentacle erotica that appeals to me. I can tell you without question, however, it has nothing to do with penetration. When the scene gets to that point, my attention is on to something else. I don’t begrudge those who believe penetration to be the coup de grace, and I sure I’m in the minority, it’s just that I find penetration to be a bit....pedestrian and I’m looking for other elements.

With tentacles, I think it’s two things.

1. Many “Littles” taking down a “big”, with the “big” being a sexy heroine. It also applies to what I call “Lilliputian stuff” where the strong woman is overwhelmed, worn down, and eventually subdued by her many attackers. (Faile’s “Rats in the Cellar” being an example.)

2. No chance of reasoning. With human or sentient captors, there’s a chance for dialogue which could affect her attacker. I do enjoy the mental torment that comes with more cerebral perils. With that said, there is a different mental torment with tentacles. Whether the tentacles be plant or animal, they are primal in their nature. No matter what she says, there is no chance for her to appeal to them or reason with them. She is their focus, they are singular in their objective, nothing will deter them, and she knows it.

A third element pooped in mind as I wrote the first two. There’s the aspect that the tentacles are repulsive to her. She is disgusted by the thought of touching them so it’s quite the defeat for her when they completely dominate her despite her most desperate attempts to stop them. The humiliation of being handed the ultimate defeat by what she perceives as the lowest of creatures."

- Anonymous Agender 1
"what attracts me to tentacles is their ability to completely assault every part of your body at once. i love when theyve lifted the person up and love it even more when theres something to pull the person inside of. tentacles are often depicted really slimy and that looks so nice to have run all over your body and i love their versatility. they can be used in vore and oviposition, excessive/hyper cum, transformation ,etc. it also doesn't matter what junk you have cause tentacles can play with everything. theyre also great for all the way through content."

- Anonymous Male 4
"I try to explain why I like tentacles. It's not that easy because I never thought about it, I just realized some day that I like it!
I believe one reason is that tentacles can tease and play with all of the female erogenous zones at once. I also like multi hand massage vids, wich would corroborate this.
Another reason is that while there is a lot if teasing and playing and penetration, there are no dicks! I can't really explain you why, but dicks are mostly a huge turn off for me (in porn) I prefer my vids with hands, fingers and tongues. So a huge leech or an alien life form with tentacles is normally just tongue and off course the tentacles.
Third point must be that it is unfamiliar and sth you wouldn't see in real life so it backs up your own fantasy and you can do to the "victim" whatever comes to your mind! No limitations, no boundaries!
I hope I could explain it good enough and give you sth you can work with."