Forest Lump


As she went off track deeper into the forest, she recognized the familiar odor and the pink hue in the distance.

“Someone’s been growing.” She teased as she approached. “I’m not calling you fat. But you eat humans?”

They nearly ingested her once, mistaking her for something else they normally eat. But since then, she wouldn’t let that go.

To her crude humor, the flesh pit responded by molding a distorted human figure and harnessing it with massive tongues.

“Well, now this looks more like you’re masturbating.” She said.

They doubled down on it by having one of its tongues creepily penetrating through the groin area of the sac, then gently rubbing within it.

The silhouette of the sac resembled her own body. And it was mimicking a few situations that she explained as, “What we humans like”.

It was, of course, a misdirection. What she really meant was, “What I like,” but the version that allowed her to overshare in a safer context.

And now that it was happening in front of her, she couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

She stepped onto the flesh floor to take a closer look at it.

“By the way, I hope you don’t mind me stepping on you.” She said.

The large tongue that went into its groin had a crack throughout the whole length of its middle, which also had dozens of “mini tongues” that all moved individually and coherently, indicating that the tongue itself was an extension of a mouth rather than a tasting organ by itself.

She noticed the hip of the sac was grinding on the tongue’s mouth and the mini tongues within it. And its rudimentary head had a mouth opened wide, making it look like it’s either in ecstasy or agony.

“Oh, you’d like to see me like that, wouldn’t you?.” She said, challenging them. “Are you sure that’s even where my crotch is?”

In spite of her question, they did not adjust. They were spot on, probably even up to how she’d react.

Because, of course, this Demi-omnipotent flesh mimicking being would know about her anatomy probably better than she does.

She had to admit, she was curious of their flesh-melting tongues feeling her around with the intent to make her wet.

“So, when are you going to let me in?” She asked.

A piece of the flesh floor in front of her stretched open into a mouth, just big enough for her to squeeze in, inviting her in.

She sat down, took her jeans and shoes off, and slipped her legs into its mouth, feeling their excited tentacles gently grappling around her shins.

Having one more look at her copy being molested, her body warming up with anticipation.

They let her in much further into their chasm than usual, eager to share something more personal.

She just called it a living sex dungeon, and was amused by their naughtier thoughts going on in it.

The flesh-melting face she sat on found a way to role-play her ingestion, melting its own head while it ate her and revealing a carpet of mutated tongues.

All she had to do was just sit back and watch the show.

As they had a closer look beneath her clothes, their throat revealed how they wanted to eat her once that thing wrap her around.

She has never experienced that part of her going down into somebody’s throat before, especially the one so eager to swallow everything she might give.

She was a little tense with all the body-horror show unfolding so close to her. But she had a feeling that this was going to be fun.

After several orgasms nearly back to back, she found it funny that she needn’t even role-play the appropriate peril to complement theirs.

Something inside that head felt impossibly good, squeezing all kinds of reactions out of her.

Nothing she did could make it stop (nothing that kept her feeling sexy, anyway), and she certainly couldn’t escape their chambers even if she tried.

She couldn’t even feel sore from an orgasm or two like she normally does. Something in their mucus kept her body soothed and nourished, keeping her ready and craving for more.

They really wanted to keep pleasing her. She found this cute and flattering.

She played along, feeling safe letting them play with her vulnerabilities.


- Cut Contents -

An anatomy study I did that inspired this.

Monster texture study from the works of other artists.

Originally, the story had more details of her going down, and she did it to find more molested sac she saw on the surface rather than engaging it herself.

Then she snuggled in, got stuck, getting more ideas in her head, and started secretly playing with a lump in front of her, imagining what it would feel like if she was incased in that sac.

Turns out, the lump she was humping was a head, and she basically pressed a button that lets them go at her.

After already warming herself up, the head nearly gave her a climax within seconds. Then the room stretched open to thematically play with her more before they continue to play with her, becoming the second image of the released version.

An earlier version of the second (main) image.

There were multiple more images planned for the story.

- The image of the molested sac that resembled her silhouette, and a detailed look at the mini tongues.

- The side view of her going down the flesh tunnel, still unmolested and explorative. - Her body going across two large mouths, her torso and upward in one mouth, her waist and below in another, and being molested by each of their tongues.

- The head-tongue eventually growing big enough that it ensnares her completely, trapping her in a sac-like chamber (or iron maiden with flesh) where she enjoys the ecstasy.

They honestly would have been fun. But I found the story more important, which was taking too long as it is for such a short thing. So I decided to trim some images to meet the self-imposed deadline.

The images still can be done for different projects anyway or as an extension to this one.

There were different story versions than what has been released.

- The flesh sac was spreading across the whole planet, and they are known to be docile. She was one of the fewer occasion that discovered (and enjoyed) their sexual potential.

- She'd visit their innards frequently out of curiosity, then to share her relaxing moments together. She noted that they reacted well with the book she read for them about monster sex. And that's when the context of their interaction became more sexual.

- She would feel not fully comfortable revealing what she wanted them to do to her sexually. So she kept finding excuses to make situations that might passively get her there instead. Even as they started exploring her sexually, she'd pretend or role-play as if she's too innocent to know the obvious sexual intentions behind the ways they explored her, which allowed her to enjoy their interesting behaviors with the excuse to keep her guards down / let herself exposed. 

- The flesh has always been wanting to explore her sexually, along with wanting other deep friendly relationships. So finding out that her wanting them that way too was a pleasant surprise for them. When she was secretly humping their wall, they noticed it immediately and gave her their full attention without interrupting her.

- A version of epilogue had her experiencing all that, going home, thought about it, and went back to flesh the day after to discover their bigger potentials. But this time, without any pretenses to be innocent. Only at their mercy, her mind remained unbroken. But she nearly fainted a few times, which she didn't want because she didn't want to miss anything out.

- There was a minor detail describing how she's rolling around role-playing an escape attempt to cover herself in their mucus, and wondering if they're digestive or sexual.

- There was a scene in that chamber where it detailed more about how they're looking at her uncomfortably but flatteringly closely, sniffing her around, and pushing their tongues around some unconventional places to taste her.

- A few versions of the story had more details about how they interacted with her and how they aroused her, physically and mentally.

Many of these were cut because they felt redundant.

For example, how those tongues moved around and how she kept thrusting her hips at them are repetitive motions that are fun to watch but get tiresome to read pretty quickly.

Another example, which parts of her body those tongues are going for and how she's enjoying them should be fairly obvious. But the existing vocabulary in our languages aren't too good at making that sound flattering. Repeating describing that made a pretty ugly writing, which is a theme prevailing in my past stories as well.

The other background stories weren't necessary for the purpose of the story, and they were rather interruptive and complicated the narrative, made things boring to read.

After the usual 50 re-writes, I decided to keep things short and casual.


  1. I enjoyed it. It can be hard to use different metaphors and descriptions for the same actions. But also don’t forget the subject matter is already titillating, so extending those metaphors could help. Something that could be fascinating is the creature taking the shape of what the human tries to explain of the experience. Good work as always.

  2. I really love your story and art. I'm also into body-horror/vore about human girl getting eaten by groteque monsters, which is very niche genre even within the general vore. I'm however more into peril and bad ending stuff, and recently got banned from deviant art for the non-con nature of my work. I'm seeing you're using blogspot as your art platform, what do you think about it in terms of reaching the audience and stuff. Do you use other communities to get in touch with other fans? I have pixiv which is great, but twitters not so because algorithm hates porn stuff and i yet have artist friends to retweet my stuff. I just wanna know what good platforms out there for non-con monster vore stuff, though i doubt there are many...

    1. Hi! Good to meet another artist of the genre! :D
      For your questions, Blogger is the second worst one I have to communicate with the community (after Rule34Video).
      The profiles here acts weirdly, no alarm when someone comments, and no other social network that connects here except external links.

      Deviant Art still feels the strongest way to connect. But they can be a bit limiting and I had so many artists I know like yourself get banned from there. Sometimes they hopped around different sites until they disappeared forever because they kept getting banned on those too.

      Twitter wasn't so bad for me for a couple of years. But recently it got really noisy with political stuff. And now I can't even find much NSFW stuff anymore. So I stopped scrolling.

      Pixiv is pretty consistent and accepting of various extreme fetishes. Though, there are not many people commenting there, and I'm not sure how to stay in contact with the people there.

      Patreon feels like it's a pretty decent place to stay in contact with people. But it might be because the people there are some of the most loyal fans and they can be eager to have a full conversation, which might be where the frequency of chats are coming from.

      I think that might be everywhere I talk to fans or comments?

      Rule34Video isn't great for talking to people. No comment notification, no direct reply to comments, and I'm not sure if it has direct messages either.

      Otherwise, I'm banned everywhere else.

      I have heard Discord can be pretty good.
      Someone tipped me that it's great to join other NSFW artist's community channels and engaging with them. And if they have a share gallery or if a conversation gives you an opportunity to talk about your art, it could be a great way to advertise yourself.
      I assumed it'd be great to have your own channel as well and have a similar system.
      It's a bit too many social media admins at this point for me. So I didn't go that way. But maybe possible with hired or volunteering moderators?

      That's all I got. :)

    2. Thank you for your detailed response. I joined a few discord vore servers and decided to post only censored, tamed contents on DA. Hopefully it would work out :)


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