Gallery Links & Guidelines

Hi. This post is to help you navigate my currently active profiles and galleries.
Some information may change.

It's one of those "pinned post" if you will. Or the closest thing to it in Blogger.

- Blogger: You're here!
This is my current main gallery and the best one for the image and text hybrid stories.
All main posts are published here except for some rants and doodles.
The weakest community support, sadly. No comment notification, no direct messages.

- DeviantArt
My first gallery and currently the main community site.
Had the earliest posts and everything after. But many were deleted due to them being too hot for the industry.
Community support is very strong and diverse.

- Twitter (or X)
Good community support and simplified gallery.
The future candidate for smaller updates, rants, WIPs, and doodles exclusively.

- Pixiv
Good gallery support, a different culture of community,
Highly tolerant of fetishes except they want me to put some black tapes on genitalia.
Emote is their primary language.

- Tumblr
A great feed for the visual artists, or so they say.
Currently the most restrictive of sexual contents. Not many of my posts survive there.
Good community though. Similar to Twitter, not as active but also not as noisy.

- Patreon
The donation site with good gallery and community support.
It's robust and it feeds me.
The future candidate to share major updates exclusively.

- Google Drive
Where all my animated videos are.
They're all linked to the main posts in my gallery.
Some duplicates are from solving file integrity issues.