There was an unusual bonus for this house sitting job thanks to her computer engineering degree. The owner was particularly adamant about the security and wanted someone who could handle the rather obscene amount of techs guarding the otherwise mundane house.

She didn’t think much of it. Her excitement was more about a well-paid vacation to a beach-side town for a couple of weeks and a quieter space to read the books she found in the local library, some of which included paranormal erotica. They were delightful reminders of the cultural differences from her home.

The owner only requested not to open one door in the living room. The one without any window.

On the third morning, waking up groggy and dehydrated from the night before, she flailed around and went for the closest door to her bedroom, the door that was not to be opened.

A mass of living flesh filled the entire entrance, perhaps the entire room behind it. The heat dispersed from it made her reel. Though, it was surprisingly odorless. She didn’t know how to react with dozens of eyes that fixed their gazes on her.

She gathered that this was probably the reason why the secrecy demands were so high. But in spite of its terrifying presence, the organism was quite docile. If not, she’d certainly have been eaten by now or crushed her through the wall at night.

Over a few days, she became more curious about this strange creature than frightened. It reminded her a lot of those other-worldly creatures in the fantasy stories she’s been reading.

Thinking of the ecstasies the stories told, she began to explore.

She started it by standing in the view of those attentive eyes in her revealing attire. Later, she’d even put her hand on them. Then pushed her arm in. And sank her lower half, burying herself with some of the eyes very close to her private parts. Eventually, the whole body.

It was comforting. Flattering, even.

The rest of the second week, this became her main night activity.

She noticed the flesh grew new appendages around her and changed their shapes every night as if they were adapting to better accommodate her. And based on the ways they explored her body, the organism must have some sort of understanding of her intimate intent. Although the ways those tentacles massaged around her felt a bit strange and awkward at first, she grew to approve of the ways they praised her.

A month later, she got an offer from the owner to stay in that house long-term with the same conditions. As in, she was asked to move in and get paid for it. This felt more like a bribery for the secrecy of that room. If that was the case, then it felt like a good thing for her that he trusted her with it.

She accepted it. By the end of the semester, she moved in, eager to see what’s been going on behind that door again.

A gush of air with familiar warmth wrapped around her when she opened the door.

She has seen how much the creature can mutate in order to adapt to her in just one night. Now it has been months.

The eyes were gone. In their places, now there were some new orifice-like organs growing all over the inside of a flesh tunnel. It intrigued her despite their even more disturbing presentation than before. It felt welcoming and, in its own way, playful.

She locked the entrance, shut the curtains, and returned to join the organism.

From that on, she’d spend the night with him almost every night, whether to experiment with their fantasies or just to get relaxed and cozy.

The erotica section of the library was soon ravaged by her. She wanted to see if many of them had interesting ideas. But when it came down to it, they usually just went with her own creative flairs and the organism’s hysterical interpretation of them.

After her graduation, and ending up financially secured in spite of that, her side-gig became filling some corners of that library with her own books based on the experience with the paranormal flesh she’s been spending the nights with.

They would technically be her biography. But no one needed to know that. They were sold as erotic fantasy bestiary books.

Even though they were represented anonymously, their story became well known, adored by many.