Survey: Appeal to Tentacle Erotica

     What attracts you to tentacle sex fantasy, fetish, and erotica?

- Please send your answer through my private messaging channel.
- And for more research and improvement purposes, you may choose to state your gender when you send me the message for this survey. The reasons are explained in the description below.
- And for the reasons for sharing the knowledge, you may choose to state whether I can share your message publically when I post the result of the survey. If you choose to share your message publically, your profile name will be anonymous.
- The result of this survey will be posted sometime next month.

     I can of course answer for myself. I make them and sometimes I explain where they're coming from. I've also been looking through dozens of other surveys related to this and of domination fantasies to learn more. But I've been wondering if they have been a bit too indirect with my subjects. So I wanted to know what my audiences think.
     I'm quite certain I have both female and male audiences, which I've been told the preferences are likely to be different. I'm interested to find out if it's true or not. And if it is, how.
     And I also always have one woman enjoying cuddling tentacles in all of my pictures. I've had praises that encourage me to keep improving on them or critics who won't tell me anything and just want my pictures removed. But I can't really know who is male or female on the internet. And none of my close friends who I talked about this seemed they were into cuddling tentacles. So I want to know what other women think about the scenarios I'm giving to my main leads. And if you were a man acting as a woman or vice versa, please be honest in the message and your secret will be kept confidential. I'm asking this for my research and it isn't one of the things I judge people with. I just want to lift misinformation if there were any.


  1. So. I don't know how to pm you.
    But I will answer as a comment anyway.

    I enjoy the thought of getting pleasured by something that's goal is to pleasure me more so then it's own pleasure. Weather this is because it gets a sense of pride, has strong enough empathy to feel pleasure from it, to get me to do something, or is simply trying to make me more compliant as it eats me.
    I do also enjoy the happy cuddling ending as well.


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