Flesh Pit of Horror and Lust



This was a comic book practice before the making of a marketable story. It was quite fun making it.

The new resolution I have about it had me making this like it's an 8 hours a day full-time job for 3 weeks, and then I had to stretch out a couple of weeks with how many hours I can spend because I had to get a job to pay the bills and etc.

Feedback is appreciated, such as what I have done well, how I may improve, more ideas, and general thoughts.


  1. I really enjoyed this. The art was great, liked the expressions and the flow. I look forward to more. Something that I would enjoy to see would be maybe more of how the creature(s) interact with the nervous system, which I’ve noticed you’ve done from previous posts, but might want to see how the creature stimulates the nerves and tissue, especially the clitoris. That’s just me though.

    Thanks for being awesome!

  2. Do you make up any lore or worldbuilding for your artworks? For example, where does the creature come from and why is it in this building? And why does the characters have access to it? Whenever I try to come up with similar stories I get stuck in a worlduilding phase trying to come up with rationales for why things are the way they are presented.

    1. Vaguely, just enough so that I can say they are "mysteries" and leave them to be modified later when I can do a bigger project without retconning too severely. It is also too much background story for such a small story that I actually wanted to show, sort of thing that would loose its theme or mood for me if I went ahead and explained too much. So I don't tell much of the back story in the main story nowadays.

      With these two, the girl is a former interstellar travel device researcher who discovered that she can travel to any alternative universe if she can put in the right combination of mathematics of physic that matches that universe, which she became pretty good at. So she decided to visit ones that she can have some vacations to, such as this one which she visited to have sex with tentacles safely. This is one of her first monster sex encounters. And she found herself in a lab that has been experimenting sexual monsters centuries ago. But their civilization went extinct due to their non-sexual monster experiments gone wrong and consuming all of their biomass in the process before leaving the planet to spread across the rest of the galaxy. The one she found in this story's chamber was left alone by that world ending entity nor followed them because it is, in all its biological and psionic capacities, is the non-sexual monster that was responsible for the extermination of this universe's human race, including the fact that it is mostly made out of former human biomass that has been mutated to fit its state. But its mental identity is that of the sexual monster similar that of other species that used to be in the lab together. So this monster uses all of its power to seduce and satisfy the girl instead of consuming her. She did essentially experienced how every human beings in this universe have went through until they went extinct but in sexual and caring form.

  3. Idea for the last picture in this story:
    A builder in white bulder-helm and with a construction plan in his hands, he stands near the door with warning poster from the first picture, and he looking at the opend construction scheme, and he says- "It seems according to the plan that the store should be placed here. Yes, unload it here!"
    In the second part, we see the builder pointing with his hand "here" (one hand up, second hand at the ground between door and warning poster), and the crane unloads the container-store.
    And in the third part of this picture, we see that the container-store stay at the ground and is completely blocking the door and the poster (only the word Warning is visible a little). And there is a big poster on the store - "We will open next year!"
    As a result, your visitors understand that the girl is probably blocked with monster forever...

    P.S. If I explained it badly, I can draw a sketch.

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    2. You didn’t answer, therefore I create the final picture by myself (as I can).
      I hope you will redraw this picture in your style... With washed out by the rain text in warning poster (otherway it can be readet by bulder) and with scratches on the wall (to better see the scale).

    3. Haha that's actually a pretty good idea! No one is being cruel while the girl and the monster do the "happily every after".

      I'll think about adding that part. If not, I can certainly use it on other stories.

      Thanks for the idea!

      Also, sorry for the late reply. All the notifications were hiding in the separate folder in my email and wasn't giving me alarms.

    4. I will be glad if you use this idea in this or other stories. I really like your works, but I would like the storyline to not always be straightforward and predictable. Something must happen unexpected, independent of the main characters. To make the ending of the story unpredictable. Now each of us can assume for himself - "After how many years will ends the quarantine?" and "What will become of the girl after this time" (at the poster written that she will “rejuvinate body and makes younger”. But 2-3 years...)
      P.S. By the way, I forget draw shoe, which girl lost when get in door :)


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