Write My Story: (I'm in a writer's block)

I know what story I want. But I can't figure out how to write it. Anyone else want to give it a go? I can show the image to the writers without posting it. PM me if interested.

Theme: Casually flirty friends, game of maze and traps, gentle persistent arousal without any chemical or mind control (just physical and empathy), non invasive but full body domination and appreciation, cosmic eroticism.

Format: Comic book descriptions, 4 short hinting sentences max, no dialogue.

It feels like an impossible task for me, I keep getting it either too descriptive or a nonsense. I kept looking for inspirations, wrote 20 drafts, let them sink in, then didn't like most of how they sound like.

This writing task feels like an eldritch horror. Let me know if you volunteer to be the next sacrifice.

I give this image one more week then I'll be posting it even if I don't have a story I like.