Meat Labyrinth

Multiple writing drafts present for this image, couldn't decide the story. I had some help with it.

The collab is still open. If you want to participate, just write the story in the comment or message it to me and I'll update it to the posts on all of my gallery sites. I thought that's kinda fun, a little different.


[Draft #20-ish]

     After some flirting and teasing, she accepted their challenge of a flesh maze and squeezed into one of their orifices. It didn’t take long before she found herself caught by their hazard chambers one after the other.
     They played nice with their bindings and allowed her plenty of opportunities to escape. But once she found a chamber that she likes, she got a bit more playful.

[somebodyonDA Draft #1]

     The third time Linda fell into this particular trap the creature was sure its scheme was working.
     The maze it constructed itself into for its lover's birthday was filled with these kinds of traps: floors where it tickles through the tiles; halls filled with its limbs to grope her.
     It was filled with each of her favorite kinks and fantasies.
     But out of this maze, it got the best data yet.
     Now it knew that out of all these ways to please its lover, a puddle of nothing but him caressing her, enveloping and softly making love to her is the way to go.

[somebodyonDA Draft #2]

     She felt nothing other than pleasure in there, her lover softly feeling her up, its slimes lubricating her.
     She felt ecstatic, her lover knew exactly what she wanted.
     The joy of solving the labyrinth had barely softend in the slightest before the adrenaline rush came from being pulled underground.
     The prize was feeding her lust, her lust for it, its lust for her, and they did nothing but that for the rest of the day.

[My draft inspired by somebodyonDA]

     Amid the joy of solving the labyrinth, she was pulled into their flesh sac, feeling its rush. Her prize was their inexhaustible desire for her until she could escape.
     Having been here multiple times, she was familiar with its way out. But so were they with how to get into her. The infectious lust from her lovers was why she kept coming back.
     Once she found herself in a sac that aroused her intrigue, she allowed them to please her senses. Their caressing tentacles bound her limbs. Her body and desires unraveled.
     With a healthy amount of excess, they explored different ways to peak her playful ecstasy, surrendering to their complements.