Webbed Exterminator

     The exterminator explored the forest to test her suit’s capacity. Although unassuming in its skin-tight appearance, the minimalistic thickness of it and the design of the fiber protected her well against scratches from the branches while allowing her unobstructed mobility. Not only that, the round and open helmet allowed her to see all kinds of information about her surroundings when it came to lifeforms it detected, a useful tool when it comes to finding bugs nesting in the house walls and keeping her from breathing toxic spray when eliminating resilient insects. While it was entertaining to find out how many things were living in this forest, she noticed an anomaly somewhere underground before her. A huge heat signature, the size of a large car.

      She walked closer to it to examine what it was. Then the wet forest floor collapsed. She initially thought it was just a little padded soil, not putting much fight to it. But it turned out to be the roof of a cave system. She fell straight through it, sliding on its dirt and roots. In a blink of an eye, something caught the helmet and took it off of her. The next moment, as the dust settled and wondered if she was being buried alive, she found herself caught in a massive web like it was from a giant spider, unable to break free. Each of its strings was about as thick as her arm or her fingers. She was glued to them not much for their skin-tearing adhesiveness but rather because the elasticity of the web was awkwardly stretching when she pulled. Any movement she made to break free only spread the surface area of it latched on. Despite the sleek carapace-like waterproof surface of her skin-tight suit, or perhaps because of it, the web had no problem sticking to its armor.

     After a few failed attempts to break free, she soon realized if she was to struggle hard and try to tear them off from her individual limbs with her hands and legs, she would probably end up tying herself and becoming bound like a mummy. Her resistance had to be minimal, only wiggling around a bit so she could get comfortable tied to her arms and legs as if she was standing in the bound of its wed. She hoped that the rescue comes first before the meat eater of this nest gets hungry.

     Only, nobody knows she was here. She wasn’t on any assignment. The body suit she wore was borrowed from the corporate which isn’t an unusual thing as she was their casual contractor choosing assignments as they were offered. They may decide to follow the tracker in the suit at some point. But only if they think it was stolen. With what she knows how they operate, that could take a month before they ask her if she is still working.

     She had to find a way to escape on her own. She began looking around for a clever way to break free. But not long after, she noticed the web hastily shaking, then a presence just behind with a slow gush of warm wind. The terror of doom ensued in her mind, holding her breath as her heart began to warm up.

     She slowly turned her head and saw what was behind her. But the cave was too dark. The only light was from the dim glimmering hole that she made above her that illuminated herself and the webs she caught on and only just. She was able to confirm that there was a creature behind her when she saw a tentacle slipping out of the darkness of the cave, approaching her neck. She gasped, tensed, a quick burst of flinch as she anticipated a harsh grasp, hesitant of what she should do. She tensed her shoulder as it brushed her neck. But neither a piercing pain nor chock happened. It felt more like a soft tickle or tap of massage. It was stroking her.

     ‘What… is it doing?

     It lingered on her exposed neck for a moment. Then it squeezed into the opening of her suit’s collar and slid inside. She nervously froze, sensing a groping touch towards her breasts.

     ‘Wait! Why is it going in there?!’ She instinctively whined.

     The tentacle slipped one of its arms between her breasts.

     Another tentacle slipped in from her other shoulder, also slipping in between her breasts, then each of them curling apart from each other to collapse on her breasts, wrapping and squeezing them.

     ‘Oh my god, what is it doing? Am I caught by a pervert?

     What are these tentacles anyway? Are they hands?

     Their tips began to brush her nipples.

     She moaned, more softly as she repeated.

     As she looked down to watch her suit warping around her breasts, she remarked on how hot she looked. Perhaps because of the mood she was in now, she thought the suit complimented her flattering parts quite well. 

     Then she heard a whisper, saying something like, “Shy…” She thought it was the creature hissing behind her. Perhaps an arachnid. But would arachnids have tentacles? Would they hiss?

     “So sleek and combed… Just the way I like it…

     She heard it again. It talks, she thought. But the sound wasn’t coming from behind her. It was in her mind, almost as if she imagined it.

     “Does your heartbeat excite when touched?” The whisper continued. “Does your boiling warmth confess?

     The girl gasped, her breath hastened. Was she imagining these words? Or was it telepathic?

     One thing she couldn’t deny,

     ‘These groping tentacles feel… actually quite good…

     She frowned and blushed.

     ‘I should… probably do something. But… I kinda want to let it touch me if this is how it wants to treat me. It’s not like anyone else is watching…

     “I can hear your heart… I can hear your thoughts…” She felt its head leaning closer behind her neck.

     ‘It… It can?’ She thought, still unbelieving. ‘Is its head coming close to me? Is it going to eat me?

     … Would it kiss me?

     … I wonder what it would feel like if it kisses me…

     A hint of gurgling croak and breath oozed behind her as it drooled.

     Its mouth enveloped the entire length of her neck from behind her. Her mouth fell opened as the back of her neck was showered by its thick stimulation, squealing a quick moan as she released her breath. She was momentarily frightened as she anticipated teeth piercing through her skin. But all she felt was the warmth and moisture of it, sucking and licking her neck. She moaned again, this time with her teeth clenched, exhilarated. She closed her eyes and bit her lips. She knew what it wanted.

     “Your body dances… Sealed in your suit… I smell your delicious scent… I crave to explore your flesh…

     She gasped and became heated as she blushed. It sounded like it wanted to see her naked and touch her. 

     She thought that sounded quite flattering. It aroused her.

     Three more tentacles probed around her torso, eventually clinging to the seal of her suit on the mid-section of her front side, unsealing and opening it to reveal her warm body within it.

     ‘I do want it to admire my body. I want to turn it on…

     It proceeded to carefully unveil her body. Her collarbone soon revealed along with the sleek tentacles that already coiled her breasts. Her bra struggled to contain all this extra body mass and movement within it. Then her ribs were revealed, her belly, and her rather small casual underwear. It was as if it was building up the suspense while it admired individual parts of her body. Her shoulders were revealed as it pulled her suit down, then her thighs. As her limbs let go of her suit, its tentacles fluently untangled the webs from the suit and rebound them on her limbs, giving her a different kind of wetness from it.

     “I can smell… your secrets…

     It brought back its tentacles after her suit settled on the ground, roping around her belly and legs, her soft and warm bare skin.

     Its mouth gently licked itself away from her neck. It showed itself in front of her. It watched her body.

     “I can see…” One of its arms pulled down the front side of her panties, revealing her recently shaven crotch as she gasped. “Your secrets…

     She remarked on its head that was in front of her and where on her body it was fixating. Its skin was gray and glossy just like its tentacles and its pinkish mouth was shaped like either a fish or a worm that had weird bumps or small tendrils on what might be its lips. It was drooling its thick saliva, some of it tore off and plopped on the floor while its tendril-covered lips yanked and slurped the rest of the fluid back into its mouth. 

     ‘That’s the mouth that just kissed my neck? That’s huge and horrifying!...’ She could not call it a spider despite its web she was caught on. She didn’t know what it was. ‘No wonder why it felt so stimulating! And… well… it felt actually rather good when it kissed my neck…

     She wasn’t sure where its eyes were supposed to be or if it had one. But it now had a clear view of her crotch. She shied away from its view. But there was nothing she could do to make it stop keeping her panties down and ogling at it. She could see the oval end of her groin just behind the innard of her cloth and the tentacle that held it. As much as this made her nervous, it still looked quite hot.

     ‘I’m being admired...’ She could tell.

     She wondered what perverted thoughts it was having with her body. Or perhaps she did…

     ‘I kinda want to know what it would feel like if it eats me down there…-

     Her curiosity began to imagine something from her fantasy. Then she remembered again, it can read her mind.

     Its head began to move downward and closer to her.

     ‘Oh my god, its head is going towards my crotch!

     “... Wait…!” She tried to stall the creature, realizing what she just suggested it do, what idea it is now driven to do.

     ‘Why did I just think that?’ She whined and struggled as she watched its head approaching the opened end of her underwear. ‘I’m still thinking that!

     With what she was witnessing, she couldn’t help herself. She knew what was about to happen.

     The massage to her breasts slowed as its attention shifted to her other private part.

     Just under her belly button, its mouth slid out its slim elongated tongue and stuck it over her abdomen. The blood-red swollen tongue was curled up in its haste as it was latched on her skin. It unraveled downward like a huge snail melting down towards her crotch. She watched as its warm and slimy arousing terror spread further below. It was playing with her. The anticipation was nearly unbearable.

     It seemed she would not be able to fight it with her arms and legs still tied apart and glued to its web. And there were enough tentacles on her body to keep her in its bondage even without the webs at this point. In reality, there was no struggle. She allowed it to lick her. She wanted it to taste her.

    The tongue now melted over the clean oval surface of her pube. Then the tentacle that held her undergarment let go of the clothing.

    “Your skin and my tongue are sealed together in your underclothes…

     It halted its sliding down, teasing her, softly swaying on her pube, pulsating.

     ‘It’s talking dirty to me…

     What is it waiting for?’ She thought distressfully as she watched the front side of her underwear bulge and wrinkle by the tongue within it.

     The whisper continued.

     “Why do you wear such cloth?

     It protects nothing… It only teases…

     Or is this what you wished?

     To allure my attention? Was it your desire to have your flesh explored?

     “That’s… not what it’s for!” The woman protested abruptly. ‘But… Did it work?

     Engaged in this psychological exchange, she hadn’t aware that the tongue was sliding further down.

     It enveloped her clitoris and its pulsation fastened. It rubbed her side to side, licking her, tasting her. Her breath clenched. Her mouth gaped open in shock. Without being able to quite see what was happening in her cloth, her imagination compensated. And what she pictured, deliciously arousing.

    ‘Oh my god, it’s licking me… It’s licking my… Oh god…’ She fantasized as she moaned. ‘Why would it know that spot? Why is it… making me… feel good…?

    “Why do you blush? Does this pleases?” the spider asked.

    “I…- well…” She hesitated, realizing her body already revealed its answer.

     She paused to take a moment to think, allowing its sensation to sink in.

     Its humongous tongue rubbed her crotch, somehow gelling on her clitoris as if this slippery monster was giving her a cunnilingus, and starting off with amazing foreplay. She’d consider this a stranger danger, too naughty to have outside of her secret fantasies. Attaining her innocence was from the fact that she fell into its trap unknowingly, happens to be wearing some clothes that she played around with in front of a mirror, and is now incidentally also being appreciated by a pervert monster that held her hostage in its bondage. It enabled it to do whatever it wanted with her self-admired design. And its ability to read her mind exposed her hidden desires to it, channeling its own craving for her flesh into her sex-complimentary version of “eating” that she often found amusing.

     She wondered, as much as she was in its bound, perhaps she was the one with the power to influence.

     “I… like the ways you are admiring… my body.” 

     If the monster wanted to get dirty with its tongue, she would match it with her own. And that confession felt intriguingly hot. 

     She hesitated but only for a moment. Then she continued,

    “I want you to *nngh…!* keep doing that and… play with me however you’d like…” She paused, and bit her lips, as she noticed it removing the rest of her futile clothes and her forms fully revealed to the creature. “... I want to feel your tongue all over me down there… I want you to enjoy me…”

     The spider squeezed her breasts once more and fondled them in excitement.

     “Your words arouse me… salivate me…”

     The spider slowly slid its tongue further down, slipping in between the gap below, tugging up as if it was about to enter her body. As she gasped again, it dragged itself back, pressing on her folds and clitoris.

     “Would you… *agghh*” She clenched her breath in this amazing stimulation. “... be okay if I… get a bit wet on your tongue?...”

     The tongue continued to grotesquely caress her swelling genital.

     “I can taste your fluid… Such deliciousness… Such precious ooze…

    She was pretty sure the creature was menacingly laughing. Or was it shuddering in anticipation?

     “This tongue is a straw… A leech that can taste… It sucks prey when I feast…

     And it thirst…

     She froze for a moment. Was it role-playing or was it real?

     Before she could respond, she felt the tip of its tongue open up like a mouth, spreading the front half of her blushed labia and enveloping it like a gaping mouth of a worm. It clenched on her clitoris and she felt its warmth and pulses from its aroused vein. Her mouth dropped again and gasped as she expressed her surprise. It felt pleasant inside of its suction. She pushed her crotch forward to see it better, to feel it better.

     Then she felt something more on her clit. Almost a tickle within its suction. It made her reactively retract her hip and arch her back in another shock. Was it because she was getting wet? Or was it because she pressed her genitalia into its weird sucking orifice? The stimulation continued to linger on her clitoris. She jerked her hips forward and back again, partially trying to break her private part free from being consumed by this parasitic living organ, another part was from feeling urged to make love to this thing. However, “straw” remained latched where it was regardless of her pelvis wildly shaking and waving. Within its mouth felt like her clit was being fizzled by some toxic soda or a worm trying to dig through her skin with its own hungry tongue.

    Or, turns out, teasing her with a little bit of both.

    “The mouth of the straw has its own tongues and venom... I use it to rip through my prey’s skin… and calm them while their fluid is consumed…

     The whispers from the creature should have been terrifying her. Is it trying to melt through her clitoris and drain her from it? But overwhelmed by the pleasant tickle, she remained contently desperate, even relaxing as she embraced the sensation of such horror not being so far from what it was actually doing to her. It really was sucking on her fluid but only the one that oozed out of her arousal that she was willingly giving.

     Her wild resistance turned into an exotic dance as she humped it back, tentatively waving her waist back and forth to further show her sincerity, incidentally spreading her flesh into its tongue. She jolted as her pleasure spiked. She swung her crotch wilder and repeated. Her mouth kept opening and her brows raised apart in shock or biting her lips with a gentle mesmerized frown, frequently exchanging them with a hint of an amazed grin.

     “I’m going to cum… It’s going to make me cum…!” She breathlessly begged.

     With everything she wanted to happen simultaneously, this wasn’t going to take long at all.

     Her breath tightened and clenched completely. She was so close.

     Then her “clit-devouring” straw abruptly stopped, folding away and sliding back up to her belly and into its mouth.

     Her breath choked but recovered, heavy and inconsistent. She looked down and confirmed the tongue wasn’t there to finish her anymore.

     ‘What? No! Why?

     With her heightened senses between her legs, it felt like it was left in a void. She winged and moaned in frustration, desperately struggling to break free from this bondage so she could clench its face with her legs and stroke it. It watched as she wrestled like a caged wild animal.

     She needed to cum… She felt the tip of it... It was so close…

     Then she noticed its head was moving closer to her crotch. With her nudging her pube towards its mouth as much as she could, the oval tip of her pubic bulge faced perfectly towards the creature’s abysmal mouth hole where it would seemingly fit perfectly when enveloped. She excitedly waited as the hot breath of the slow-moving head spread on it.

     She didn’t know what to think. She wanted the creature to put its mouth there. But its head looked so huge and terrifying.

     Just after its saliva latched on her skin, its thick wet lips enveloped her groin and her genital disappeared from her sight as it went in its mouth. Shocking imagery and sensation continued as its lips spread further around her groin, engulfing even some parts of her hip as well as her lower abdomen. Her whole groin was inside of its feasting orifice with all of its lewd potentials. Her impatience from the last near-climax was already driving her to sway her crotch in its suction flesh and grind in it.

     “I see… With my straws… Your beautiful dance…

     ‘It can… see inside of its own mouth?

     Was it plural straws? Or was it hissing?

     She felt its lips swelling with bumps. Some lucky ones poked around her clit. She nudged them like she was grinding, smearing its gum on herself.

     “So eager… So embracing… So delicious…

     She wondered where its tongue has gone in all this. She expected it’d be probing inside of her by now. She wanted to feel its tongues inside.

     Just then, every time she grind on the bump on its gum, she noticed it feels a little bit different each time. It grew on her, getting longer, moving on its own. Every little bump on its gum grew to like this, eventually encircling all around her groin. Her heightened aroused state still wanted more of it. But could she have enjoyed the grotesque sensation of its inner mouth if she weren’t?

     Then as if those growing appendages worked together, they clenched on her labia and rubbed around her clitoris. She felt familiar suckings. It’s the leech-like kiss from that strawed tip of its tongue. But now there were many, pulsating as they sucked on her flaps. She tried to count. Maybe three just around her clit? A couple more stroking around her groin? Several more growing as she humped them?

     The near orgasm was making her lose her focus again. Her hump became wilder. Perhaps too harsh for the creature’s face, she ended up slipping out of its mouth a little. 

     It opened its mouth and tried to re-engulf her groin.

     Then she saw it, the innard of its aroused mouth, the horror of the monster’s flesh-devouring maw, and her eager surrender to its sexual intent. The excitement of the scene swelled her mind with thrill and joy. She continued grinding, dancing her hip to it, as their tongues latched and dangled on her private area.


     The middle one of the three that enveloped her labia with their suction tips let go of her clit and rose above her groin, visibly showing her its sticky saliva and her own fluid hanging in between its tip and hers. The tongue curved like a snake ready to strike, facing towards her still. Visually, the mound of her pube thrusting up and down with this tongue behind it looked like she was grinding on it. But sensing that she couldn’t feel anything slipping throughout her genitalia, only the two rubbing on her clitoris, she could tell that it was resting. Or perhaps it was admiring the view from its vantage point.

     She continued to entertain this idea with her dance. And as if this worked, the watching-tongue slipped under her groin again, disappearing from her view. She needn’t see what it was doing. She could feel its tip teasingly pressing into her vagina.

     The monster’s mouth closed as hers opened wider, enveloping her groin completely again. She felt the tongue slipping deeper into her body before sliding back out. Her rattling moan became louder as its warmth and pressure built inside and upward. She kept moving her groin, making sure it was rubbing against her vaginal wall. Combined with the other tongue that leeched on her clitoris, they essentially clenched in between her g-spot and clitoris. She groaned as she felt this unanticipated mind-blowing stimulation.

     “Just… like that…” She slurred. 

     The one inside eventually latched on her g-spot, sucking and rubbing it.

     Her mind flickered in this thrilling sensation exploding in her crotch. Her eyes rolled up with her eyelids closed halfway. She nearly drooled trying to breathe, dancing like she was having a gentle stroke.

     She relaxed everything that wasn’t spasming, letting the thrill flow through her body.

     She felt confident, nearly prideful, to be able to seduce someone who could dominate her like this, allowed to be vulnerable in its mouth as she bathe in its affection.

     She wanted to cum in its mouth. She begged it to make her cum.

     Then her body contorted as the licking became faster, jerking her in and out. It felt like it wanted to see her cum this time. Her body tensed. She forgot about breathing. Then it happened, a splash of pleasant rattle in its mouth, struggling harder than she ever did when she was actually trying to break free from the web. Grunting, screaming, kicking, and laughing, the climax was powerful and lasting.

     When she gathered her mind back together, she was ready to relax and laugh about it as its clit-sucking eventually slowed down and gave her a break. She panted.

     “That was so good!...” She said in joyous breathlessness.

     “Tasty…” It calmly whispered. “And so much more…

     Still catching her breath, she noticed her groin was still in its mouth.

     “So, um… Are you going to let me go?” She was getting a bit intimidated.

     It responded with its tongues that covered her labia. The one on her clit gently sucked her again…

     “*Aagh!* No!” She screamed and tensed again, her expression shocked, then in awe. “... Wait!... Wa… What?...”

     ‘I should feel way too sensitive for this again.’ She remarked on the fact that she normally can’t have more than one orgasm because of how sensitive she becomes. But this time, ‘... It still feels good… I… want more… Can I have more…?

     “My venom keeps you… relaxed…” It reminded her as it pushed its tongue inside of her again. “And I know your fantasies… of more… ceaseless orgasms… domination… to be eaten… I can touch your memories…

     The more she struggled, the more she ended up grinding on her labia-lickers and tugging on her g-spot eater. She could not win this wrestle.

     “Oh god…” It felt too good to deny it. “That’s not fair. *Ooofff…* Not… *Uggghh…*”

     She thrusted and wagged. It didn’t take much longer as her oozing private part pulsated in another orgasm while being wrapped up by its tongues like parasitic flesh infecting her. It busily slurped all over her aroused fluid and then eagerly pulsated and rubbed on her skin again.

     She stretched her body with her head leaning back, tensed as another orgasm flushed throughout her body.

     “Please… don’t… stop…”

     Then she spasmed.

     She groaned loudly as her breath returned.

     The one in her vagina plucked itself out.

     “So delicious… So pretty… So desperate…

      All four tongues on her crotch hungrily encircled her clitoris and kissed her.

     “*Hggnn…!* Am I?...” She tried to resist but screamed. “You’re making me blush now…”

     She waved her body as to dance with her clit-eaters. She realized more of its arm tentacles coiled around her body, spreading its warmth and fondle throughout her skin.

     She grew to rely on this monster to torture her just the way she likes them.

     After playing with her clit, three of them hung back around her crotch and gently pulled and caressed her skin while one from above her pube began to rub across her labia in a circle. Another thrilling arousal pulsed throughout her body.

     “*moan*... That feels like when I’m masturbating… What part of my mind are you reading?”

     She remembered all the erotic stories she was reading while she touched herself, all the monster porn she’s been watching.

     “I know you liked to imagine being swallowed whole…

     She bit her lips.

     ‘Would it swallow me? If its mouth feels like this, then I would love to dive my body further into it…

     Her arousal escalated into a climax once more from its grips and licks. Then slowly paused as she recovered from the orgasm, pulling her groin out of its mouth, and it used its arms to swat the webs that bound her and replace them with its tentacles elegantly coiling around her limbs, collecting her legs together.

     ‘What is it doing?’ She thought as she wiggled and softly monad. ‘Is it really going to swallow me?

     It stretched the whole length of her body with her legs and arms tied together as if she was a meal to be served. Below her legs was its mouth wrapping her feet with its tongues.

     “What are you doing? No!” She shouted, knowing what was about to happen.

     But she still didn’t struggle. She wanted this. She was curious.

     Her feet went into its mouth, then her shin. A warm and wet wiggling sensation spread throughout her legs.

     She kept screaming and begging as her thighs went in, playing with her fetish of being a helpless victim of a flesh eater. She felt the straws kissing her skin. She tried to break her arms free. But the tentacles were too strong. Her waist went in, her breast became wrapped by its tongues, defenselessly embracing their fondle as her arms still pulled up. Its warm oral embrace then proceeded to envelop her shoulders and neck. She watched as her view became obscured by its lips and inner flesh.

     ‘It’s so warm and tight inside…’ She remarked. ‘So many things exploring my body…

     She breathed hastily and screamed abruptly before her head was engulfed in its mouth and shut above her. Her long hair and wiggling arms trailed in it as she went in further. She continued to scream but now muffled. No one else could hear her now.

     It was exactly how she liked it.

     ‘I feel like I can really have my little privacy here.

     Well, except for the one I’m swallowed within… It can touch me all it wants…

     The viscous wall of its flesh tightened her body while its straws latched all over her, smearing and smothering her. It was harder to breathe in its organ but it wasn’t too uncomfortable. The smell felt warm and wet but surprisingly not horrible. Its venom-blended saliva tasted almost sweet like nectar. It was comfortable enough that she was able to focus her mind on where its straws were exploring her body. The wall clenched on her thighs and butts. Straws sucked on her fingers, caressed her belly, gently strangled her neck, wrapped around her ribs and belly, and brushed her face and hair. Her breasts were being teased with strokes. Her crotch could feel the wall of its stomach when she pressed forward.

     She wanted it to not hold back. She wanted to feel its ecstasy until her mind breaks.

     She began to grind on its stomach wall and its fluid.

     It noticed her perverting its organs for her fetish.

     “Naughty girl…

     Its straws slipped on her nipples again, enveloping and sucking her. She squealed a quick moan and she became tensed with anticipation.

     ‘Punish me… I deserve it.’ She imagined.

     She moaned. She began to wave her body, dancing to the flow of its inner organ’s constriction. But while she was enjoying grinding on its wall, she noticed a small empty space growing in front of her crotch, leaving her nothing to grind on. Just when she was about to winge, something big just plunked on her crotch, like a mouth of a really large worm squeezing in between her thighs to abruptly envelope her genitalia.

     “What the fuck is that?! That’- *Aagh…!*”

     ‘It’s way bigger than the other straws! It’s…

     She couldn’t quite think of a word in between vicious or vigorous, hungry or obsessed, or if it is some sort of a stomach worm or a leech. It felt different. The creature didn’t explain either, letting her imagination run wild, letting its organs speak through her body.

     Its thick and sloshy tongue effortlessly slipped in and out of the gap in her labia while sucking in a chunk of her crotch slumped into its gnarly mouth. She tried to fight it, tried to twist her hips around, tried to shake it off.

     ‘It’s still eating me… It keeps eating me!...

     It was no use. She was trapped and to be feasted by its infestive organs. This was where its victims’ flesh were devoured and their fluid absorbed as they became helplessly surrendered to it. And it felt amazing, mesmerizing.

     Her scream and struggle gradually dissolved into breathlessly pleasant moans and lewd gestures, surrendering to her newest unstoppable eater, its punishment for her rubbing it sexually, turned into its newest victim full of hearty juice.

     While her lower half was in its stomach, her upper torso and head were still in its mouth, mingling with its tongues and straws. One slid over her chin and towards her mouth. She thought about closing her mouth, afraid of its grotesque organ entering her mouth. But with her mind-fizzing chaos going on with her private parts, she couldn’t quite make her mouth to shut, letting it explore her lips.

     ‘But wouldn’t it be like kissing?

     Should I kiss?

     I kinda want to kiss…

     It’s kissing me down there. I’ll kiss it back…

     Thinking of payback, she lunged her head forward with her mouth opened, slurping in its tongue danced her own tongue around it. She tasted the sweet venom from its straw and remembered this tongue squirts venom that has been influencing her body, relaxing her and maybe mildly paralyzing her. She decided it was too late and began sucking it, kissing it, trying to please it. Even this, she sensed that she will be overpowered as she felts its tongue much more vibrant than what she could do with hers. But instead of dominating her, it danced with her tongue, letting those two completely alien tongues gracefully lick each other, enjoying her passion as it expressed its own. She swallowed its venom, thrilled in this exchange, allowing herself to be further subjugated.

     With her sensory deprivation (other than the tongues) and her body completely dominated as it is, she couldn’t tell the effect of its venom immediately. But with her body becoming more relaxed in this feast, every part where she was being stimulated felt less irritated in spite of the increased vigor of her eaters, or her post-multiple-orgasm state, which allowed her senses to highlight the pleasant sides of all these obsessions on her body.

     The feral tongue beneath her continued rubbing her genitalia. Her moan became desperate and she jolted, then twitched in another climax, thrusting it into the fleshy maw from its stomach, feeding it her own sweet fluid, letting it feel her pulsating vagina. Her eyes rolled as her mind blinked, drooling as her mouth continued to be kissed.

     ‘It’s eating… my…!’ She blissfully thought as she humped, tensed, and squeezed herself in the mass of organs now fully perverting her. ‘It’s… eating…

     The stomach worm would not stop kissing her lady part. It felt so hungry, with so much energy in its tongue and lips. Tasting her only amplified its appetite. Before she could even have any moment to wrestle, her breath choked again as it spiked her arousal through her head. Another series of orgasmic spasms ensued, followed by loud muffled desperate groans, gurgling with its tongue in her mouth and its saliva. She couldn’t tell if that was another orgasm or still having the same orgasm from earlier.

     She wanted more, tried to spread her legs, let it in, craving it. But its gut tunnel was too tight. She was able to stretch her gut and spread her legs briefly. But the meat wall fluctuated too chaotically, and the tickle in between her legs kept making her spasm to keep them open.

     Despite that, the brief opening she created was all it needed to push further into her. The intestine worm squeezed in the gap between her legs and managed to tuck itself in, allowing its tongue to align with her vaginal track. Its tongue and kisses slowed down as if it has caught its prey and she won’t be able to struggle. The slow massage gave her a break. But it also drove her insane with the deep smearing pleasure of its tongue and the fact that it has her in its grasp so completely that it doesn’t even need to wrestle her anymore. Her heavy gasping breath and groan muffled by the straw in her mouth sounded like a compliment to the creature. It played her like this for a while longer. Then just about when she was getting used to it, the stomach worm’s tongue carefully pressed its lick inward into her body, filling her with its lustful warmth, following up along her salivating fluid.

     It pulsed inside of her, perhaps to tease her, or she was feeling its excited blood pressure. After letting her imagine what this thing might be playing now and getting both disturbed and aroused by it, the tongue curled its tip to the front side of her vagina, then scraped her g-spot as it slipped all the way out, collecting her fluid into its mouth. Then the tongue went inside again, giving her g-spot another ample stroke. And again, this time licking around to the rest of the surface, twisting her, before drinking her. Then back to her g-spot, lingering. Her body tensed in this disturbing and pleasant stimulation, exchanging her labia with the gummy surface of its mouth, rubbing her clit on its lips. It acknowledged where she craved its attention, slipping its tongue out of her and greeting her clitoris, licking it a few times, then went back inside, massaging her g-spot. Then it repeated moving back out and in, every time giving ample attention and spreading to her senses.

     ‘It’s just one tongue… But it’s so damn good!’ She remarked how much she’s loving this, how much it was good at this.

     She wrestled again. She tried to resist. But she couldn’t move enough to make any of it stop. Her body was just so completely dominated by this monstrous organism of fetish. She kept trying anyway. It made her feel more helpless, allowing her to feel innocent, while still being able to enjoy all of its fun and thrill.

     As if the tongue noticed her attempt to resist, it ceased its dining of her fluid and back into harassing her genital, making her cum until she surrenders. The curled tip of its tongue lingered on her g-spot, pressing and tickling her like it was a fingering her with a really large boneless finger. And she could swear this worm’s lip also faintly vibrated as it latched and rubbed on the rest of her groin. Perhaps it worked on its victims to get their juice flowing. It definitely worked on her.

     She squealed, desperately fighting it, knowing that it would make her cum, and enjoying all of it.

     The arousal kept getting stronger and stronger. She expected to reach a climax soon, and allowed another powerful orgasm. But… strangely, despite her peaking arousal where she would normally be in an orgasm, it just kept getting more arousing.

     This insane state made her grind on it wildly, begging to cum, not just to her affectionate torturer but to herself as well.

     Were there too many stimulations going on and they were distracting her from having a climax? Was it the venom? Has she been ingesting too much of it? Or was this thing on her crotch and it found out something about her orgasm that even she didn’t know about and it was doing this intentionally?

     She kept kicking, struggling, screaming, and scrambling. Until finally, something spasmed like an orgasm. But instead of a quick burst, it also kept building up, starting from within her body, the rattle jerked her womanhood increasingly faster, more frequent, and vibrant.

     ‘Ohmygod ohmygodogmygod… what is this?! Ohgodohgodohgod… comeon…

     She froze, clenching her breath and stomach as her genitalia kept shaking more and more, tensing as she did not know how far it would go. While she was having ecstasy, she felt the mouth milking her fluid again, satisfied with her paralyzed and juicy state.

     ‘Oh… *groan*... god… I’m still going… it’s drinking me...

     That is so hot…

     I can’t stop…

     She released her tension somewhat and began breathing again. But her mind fazed into the blackness of a coma, her consciousness no longer present while her body still reacting. Her breath was spasmodic, mild groans and moans slipped out, her spotty blushed skin still stretching and twisting, but no longer humping nor fighting the digestive organs it was trapped in. The creature sensed that her consciousness had been pushed out for the moment, blinking in between the climaxes, grunting and screaming, murmuring while her mouth was gagged by its parasitic tongue.

     The pervert creature swallowed her deeper into its gut where there are more secrets it wanted to share with her.

     From the outside, her muffled moans and grunts faded even further until they became indistinguishable from the creature's stomach gurgle echoing in its abysmal cave. It settled there in the corner by the webs, resting, excited, contemplating its fresh victim, imagining its lady friend, and her ecstatic existence in its mercy.

     The girl came to her consciousness, as if she just had a really fun dream, feeling the cushion she was snuggled in and not wanting to wake up from it. She felt her skin as she moved around, realizing she was wearing fewer clothes than usual. Was it hot last night? But she was bare naked… This was unusual for her. She normally prefers some cuddly clothes when she sleeps.  She squinted her eyes open and she still could barely see anything other than her white unevenly sewn blanket. She felt around its cushion and noticed it was made of a web. She was laying in a familiar cave. The creature wasn’t from a wet dream. It indeed swallowed her. She found her clothes nearby. But instead of hurriedly putting them on, she decided to stay in the comfortable blanket. She also noticed the creature’s head rising next to her as if it had a nap with her while she slept. They just looked at each other for a moment. Remembering what has happened, she hopped over to the creature and leaned on one of its tentacle arms. A couple of its tentacles wrapped around her shoulder over the blanket, gently hugging her. They snuggled.

     “No, I’m not an exterminator like that.” She confessed after hearing the creature wondering if she was here to kill its kind. “I set traps for house bugs like flies or ants.”

     The creature also confessed how it swallowed her in its gut further to play with her unconscious body and filled in her mind with whatever bliss it fantasized. It had been a couple of hours that she spent in its digestive chamber. She asked it curiously what it made her do.

     The creature explained carefully but thoroughly.

     As she listened, her expression was mixed with hilariousness and shock.

     Eventually, she had to make it stop talking. Instead…

     “Could you tell me what happened next -” She allured. “- while you touch me?”

     The creature croaked as if it was joyous by her approval or aroused.

     A tentacle slipped in the blanket, wrapping around her waist from the back, sliding over her pube and under her crotch.

     The story of how its stomach organs ate her continued and what lewd gestures it made her pose in the midst of it. She could almost feel what a thrill that must have felt like. Her breath hastened as her storyteller massaged her favorite part. She relaxed leaning on its arm and bundled in a blanket. She enjoyed being immersed in its tantalizing story.