Story Study Survey 2

Do you prefer erotic content delivered in images, writings, or mixed?

Why do you believe so?
What do they do well or don't?
What aspects are overused or not enough?

Message or comment.
Please be nice to each other's preferences in the comment.


  1. I like text. Probably differs, but for me, giving contexts to stories make it so much more exciting and erotic.

  2. personally, i enjoy when it's mixed together. the visuals aid the story in a way that i don't think just words alone can do sometimes. as well, the story aids the visuals provided. i also really enjoy your lewd stories, seeing as it appeals to one of my very specific fetishes.

    your writing is intense and leaves a lot to the imagination, which is a good thing, as it allows the reader to visualize themselves in the MC's place.

    1. Reading your comment made me fee like I'm not alone in the universe. haha


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