Story Study Survey 1

 You're a woman swallowed by a sentient flesh wall with all manner of orifices. You noticed its naughty intents.

How would you feel initially and progressively?
What would you like this monster to do to you?

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Feel free to speak gnarly.


  1. i think at first i'd be scared. after all, a giant flesh wall IS a scary thing to find yourself in. as time went on, i'd start to realize how much it wants me, and how much i'm starting to enjoy that idea. maybe it takes awhile, but eventually i warm up to the idea of it taking me as it's plaything...

    and as it's plaything, it gets to use me as it wants. the idea of a monstrous wall playing with my folds and body is hot, the idea of it having intent to make me buck in it's confines even moreso. i think the idea of it edging me is hot, unable to do anything about it because i've accepted this as my new life. i'd get so close, but it'd always stop, and i'd be moaning and whimpering for release. especially if it used it's tongues to do so, eating me erotically until my lips were swollen and needy and my hips bucked for more.

    ideal scenario honestly~

    1. That is a hot story. Thanks for that.
      Good that work on ideal worlds. That just might happen to someone in them. haha


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