Hidden Chamber in an Abandoned Motel

      Still unsure of what has happened to all the people, I’ve been following clues in the town and came across a trail of a story about a motel nearby. The former residents here were both admired and afraid of the place. There was a monster within it.

     Some say the owner of the motel grew a tumorous flesh in a hidden chamber on the second floor, feeding the guests downstairs to its many slaughterous maws to fuel its growth. Others say the motel itself was alive and is cursed with desires to tear the sleeping guests with its viscus tendrils.

     One person, however, a woman by the sounds of it, left a story of her frequent visit to this flesh-festering entity and let it make love to her while entombed in its gullet.

     I wasn’t sure if I was reading her fiction draft or a diary. Either way, I couldn’t help but become more curious about this infested motel (and maybe a little turned on by the story).

     The motel, just like everywhere else, looked to have been left abandoned for ages and overgrown with damp dust. Although two of the rooms on the second floor that have been barred up completely had made me wonder if that monster story was true, I didn’t come across any tentacles slipping about or lunging at me. Regardless, it still was a serviceable safe house for a night. I managed to find a room that was fairly clean. It was just below those barred rooms, which was unsettling. But the state of other rooms felt even worse. So I decided it was the lesser evil.

     The night came and the stories I read kept me bothered. I sort of wished that girl’s story was true and kept imagining myself in it. Eventually, I became too restless that I decided to put on some sexy bikinis and get into the shower room, running fingers across my body while imagining a flesh monster behind those barred rooms upstairs. The underside of my bikini got wet and I decided to take it off, imagining the monster would have undressed me anyways.

     I heard some slimy liquid sound echoing in the shower room as if some flesh are rubbing against each other.

     ‘Am I getting that wet?’

     It sounded like a lot of fluid, even for me.

     Then something touched my shoulder, something icky, warm fluid.

     ‘Is the shower leaking?’

     Then I realized the slimy sound had certain heavy thuds and tears, way too heavy for what my body should sound like, and it was coming from above me.

     I looked up. There were pink bulging tentacles and swelling flesh all across the corroded ceiling. Adrenalin kicked in, and not even a second later, I jumped out of the shower and pried open the door to the bedroom. Turning back, the tendrils were gaping out of an unevenly bulged tubal flesh that was reaching down to where I was standing earlier.

     ‘That thing could have gotten to me! And then…

     Wait, what would have happened then?’

     Along with tentacles were a couple of stretched-out mouth-like appendages with jagged teeth and overly enthusiastic tongues trying to lick something, presumably me if I were still there.

     Could those stories about the monster be true?

     ‘Is it trying to shred and devour me or being a pervert in my shower room?’

     The air-licking mouth stretched further down to the floor where I left my bikini. It seemed to keep licking something in the air, almost like it can taste something in it, leading it to the bottom side of my bikini. And sure enough, its tongue touched the middle of it. It slowed down its licking gesture and began smearing its tongue on my clothes as if mesmerized by them. That’s when I remembered my bikini was wet when I was wearing it while having some naughty thoughts.

     ‘Pervert it is…’

     As disturbing as it was to watch the crotch part of the swimwear getting nauseously violated, it wasn’t making me frightened by it anymore.

     I was pretty convinced that the girl wasn’t writing fiction at this point.

     ‘It didn’t look like it burst through the ceiling. Has it been in the same room and watching me the whole time?’

     I approached the shower, leaning inside of it, just barely in reach of the tentacles, and nervously brushed the wall of the flesh tube.

     A tentacle slowly lifted towards me while another teeth-filled mouth stretched out of the bottom of the gaping tube to face me. The tentacle wrapped around my wrist. The grotesque slimy and warm sensation spread throughout my hand. But it felt more like a snuggle than a harsh grip.

     Its mouth was now getting very close to my crotch, almost licking it, but looking up towards my eyes just before touching me. 

     ‘Is it… waiting for my approval?

     … Am I waiting for its approval?

     Or are we both just staring at my boobs?’’

     My heart began to beat faster as my curiosity intensified. Settling with the excitement of exploring inside of a living flesh chamber before me, I crouched underneath it so I could climb upward through it.

     Its tentacles curled around me as if to embrace me while its toothy mouths retracted to the tunnel’s inner walls so there was enough space for me to climb while still being able to see me. Its surprisingly firm inner flesh had enough sustenance for me to lean and climb on. And while its saliva (or at least I think it’s its saliva) made the surface quite slippery, its tentacles and mouths pulled and pushed me to lift me up. After a couple of minutes of uncomfortable climbing in its flesh, I looked down and saw how far the floor of the shower is out of its large mouth. This definitely felt like where the barred room must be.

     While I was looking around (and my thoughts started to shift from cave explorer to vore-fetish), the flesh around me had more time to ensnare my limbs and kept me standing comfortably.

     Some mouths hovered over closer to encircle me, exactly three of them, from both sides of my torso and one in between my knees, opening their terrifying maws and revealing their unshapely teeth and gums that stretched their saliva in between while their tongues tore through them to reach me.

     I became tense and tried to move my arms and legs to defend the awkward spots that they were getting too close to. Then I realized my arms and feet were bound, pulled into its flesh wall, gripping me tighter.

     “Wait, what are you doing?”

     The three mouths were of course much smaller than the one I was inside of. But they were still relatively huge in comparison to any human. Way too big.

     ‘But then again, in a weird way, they’re perfect sizes for…

     … me?’

     I watched as one of my breasts was licked by the horrid maw next to it. And then the other. The one between my legs essentially cupped my groin with its lips, making me sit on its toothy gums while its tongue carefully caressed my labia.

     I just sat on it and watched while my shocked senses began to revel in its absurd and yet precise stimulations. My eyes rolled up as my mind began to go numb. Then I felt I began to drool under my mouth and woke myself up. I composed myself, remembered how to breathe, and contested.

     “Are you sure you got all of my private parts?

     I think you need more mouths o… *groan*... on me if you’re… ugh… (oh fuck, it’s obsessed with my clitoris!)... going to poke arou… *gasp*... nd some… mmm… random parts…  *moan*”

     I tried to tease it. But with my voice uncontrollably rattling, I probably ended up revealing how much I’m enjoying this (if it can even understand me).

     Then as if it was reacting to me, it engulfed one of my breasts completely, sucking it while curling its tongue around it.

     ‘I think I’m making it happy…’

     I bit my lips as my breath hastened, listening to myself uncontrollably moaning.

     Its tongues and mouth-plays (and being hyper-thrilled about my own sexual prowess) got me mesmerized in the situation. I kept my view locked over my body as much as I could, the horrendous sight of myself being consumed by some sort of parasitic flesh turned me on to no end. I didn’t want to miss anything.

     In the distance below, outside of its bigger mouth were my bikini still visible and being drooled upon. I imagined myself suddenly disappearing from the world outside, leaving only the last clothes I was wearing, to be kidnapped and swallowed into a feral-ish monster, bound to a torrenting feast, never to be seen again, a mysterious disappearance.

     Only if there was anyone left in this world to solve this…