Story 041322 Drafts

I've been cooking up story drafts for an image (link available soon). I've come to conclusions that I can't pace the story I want in one image and it needs to be more shown than said. I'm planning making that one a short graphic novel.

Meanwhile, these are my drafts from the bin that I tried to fit in that one image. Sorry about the mess:

[Pool Party Bait Draft]

It’s been some months investigating the presence of monster snails, the pervert ones, disguised as humans in the town. I followed their literal trails of slime and was able to rescue some of their captives. Some, however, lost to their pleasure dungeons, screaming as their reproductive organs plagued by the maws of the giant snails.

I tried to slaughter my way through them. But it was getting too dangerous and I nearly got caught as well. I needed a way to lure them out to thin their numbers so I could rescue their captives. So I organized a pool party, left myself vulnerable and played along in bathing suits.

Night fell, I laid on a bench, flirting with guests, when light started flickering and air became darkened with dense fog. I noticed people stood still like statues, all facing towards me, ignoring the change of atmosphere, and their bodies melting into blobs of flesh. There was only enough light to see within my arm’s distance. Then something grabbed my limbs and slithered around my body. They were the guests I was flirting with. But not as humans. They turned into snails.

All of the guests were snails. Everyone in the town was snails. Their other victims were theatrics to lure me in. I was their first victim. They were just waiting for me to be exposed.

I braced for a torture as they ensnared and creeped on me. I was sure they were going to tear and chew through me after how many of them I have killed.

But instead…

“Uggh… What are you doing?

… Oh god…”

They were gentle. It was as if they wanted to please me rather than just sating their perverse lust.

[Where Naughty Things Happen Draft 1]

A paranormal friend of mine told me that he has a place where naughty things happen. That sounded like a sex dungeon to me. I had to see it.

He worried that I’d be disturbed by his slime. To me, that was a good excuse to put on my bathing suit. When I was ready, I was taken to his pocket reality.

“So, you’re saying you have roughly “a pocket reality where naughty things happen”? It’s a sex dungeon. Well, now you have to show it to me.”

“*unintelligible gurgle*”

“Oh I’ll survive some slime. How about I put on my bathing suit?”


“Gimme a sec. I’ll get ready.”

[From Another Planet Drafts 1 & 2]

Guys? What are you… *groan* doing to my bathing suit?

Just keep doing it…

I was exploring their world. It seemed fair to let them explore me.

I probably should have hitend them that it’s inappropriate to lick my private parts.

But I got curious how it would feel to grind on it.

Entry Day 4

Try as I might, it’s hard to get a tan on this alien planet with different radiation from its sun. I guess there’s no point getting a sexy tan line since there’s no other human beings on this planet.

The beach was pleasant though. I’m glad I packed a few bathing suits.

Entry Day 6

I followed an enormous worm-like creature to a cave covered in slime. I examined the fluid and there was nothing harmful in it except… seductive property for humans?

I tried licking it. It didn’t taste like anything. I kept trying on different parts of my body to see how it feels different and… I ended up wanting to touch myself for a while. I’m not sure if it’s from the slime or just trying stuff on my body made me horny. But either way, the slime wasn’t too invasive to my body.

Entry Day 7

I felt unusually refreshed this morning. I’m ready to go exploring the cave and meet my neighbors.

I probably should be wearing a full exo suit. But I can’t be bothered to do that sort of laundry. From what I know about the slime, my bathing suit would do just fine.

Hopefully the natives are friendly and don’t mind my revealing clothes.

PS: A strange and a bit private notion, but it felt like someone was watching me from the windows last night when I was having a me-time. It’s an alien planet, though. There couldn’t be that kind of pervert around here, could there?


“*gasp* Oh god… Those are kinda private spots…

They seemed fascinated by me and I’ve been letting them explore my body. Despite their horrifying appearance and movements, they were gentle with their maws and tongues.

I noticed that they were fixated on certain parts of my body, mostly the parts that I don’t usually show anyone let alone licking and sucking. They couldn’t have known that. I forgave them and allowed it.

When the initial awkwardness passed, it became quite enjoyable. I began to secretly grind on their tongues when there was one licking me in its wet clenching maw.

I pressed through the slime, resisting the urge to touch myself again, and eventually came across one of the creatures. It looked horrifying when it revealed its drooling maw towards me. But it wasn’t hostile. It felt more like a greeting. I started interacting with it.

It allowed me to touch it and it licked my hand back. The creature was very friendly.

Then something else touched my leg from behind me. It was another worm. That’s when I realized the cave was crawling with them and they surrounded me while I was distracted.

[Draft 4]

I lured out the monsters in a fake pool party. I needed to capture one so I can interrogate where they’ve been taking their victims. It was easy. These perverts have a thing with some girls and I happen to match their type.

Turns out, I was the only human in the whole town. They were all in disguises.

I became their first victim.

And… it actually wasn’t so bad.

I guess this is what I get for throwing a fancy fake private pool party to seduce paranormal monster friends of mine from semi-hell with their own dimensions where they keep their “naughty thoughts”.

Yikes, that was a mouthful sentence.

But I got to be their naughty thought. I’d say my lure totally worked.

“*Gasp* … Guys?... Wha… *Groan*”

I asked them if they could show me their pocket dimension where they keep their “naughty thoughts”.

They said I’ll have to be naughty thought if I wanted to see it.

So I put on my bathing suits and told them what I like.

It worked. And it all started to happen. I guess they liked my ideas…

[Draft %#@$]

They said they have a pocket dimension where they keep their naughty thoughts.

I got intrigued. I asked them to show it to me.

They warned me that, to see it, I’d have to be their naughty thought.

I blushed. I could tell they wanted it. But they didn’t want to scare me. Or they could have just kidnapped me…

Instead, I put on my bathing suits

I told them what I like, what I imagined their mouths and tongues would do.

Everything went dark and my voice sounded numb as if I was falling asleep.

Then I woke up…

while this was happening…

[Draft ddd]

This nightmarish alternative world still had swimming pools. It was enough to enjoy the abandoned residence’s luxury. And I found bathing suits that fit me.

The creaking floor beneath me collapsed, no, dissolved away? And I found myself landing on unexpected cushions like water mattresses.

I must have been in the basement. There was slime. And those cushions were alive. They had mouths. They were hungry. They started… eating me…

They weren’t forceful enough that I couldn’t shake them off. But it took me a while finding the exit and swimming through their slippery bodies. It was long enough that… I realized it was kinda enjoyable…

I tried to talk to them. But I realized they were only the mindless fractions of the ones I knew.

[Draft ll]

They seemed hungry and harmless… and enjoyed the way I tasted.

I just placed their mouths on me where I thought it would feel… thrilling…