Update: Ongoing Projects/Drafts

Full comic book series still being fertilized. The universe being made, cultures developed, backstories internally told, etc.

I'm also getting interested in developing 2d games for the genre. Might do it side by side with my other works.

A shorter story draft and concept I'm working on:

Still picking a theme, experimenting and designing.

Another one, some might know Mrs-Peril-Writer aka Kyla Schröeder. You can find her group channel as Mrs-Peril-Creator or her SubscriberStar page (https://subscribestar.adult/mrs-peril-writer).

She asked me if she could be in one of my monsters, so I studied her figure a bit and started making these:

Will add some more images, some bits edited and fully colored.


  1. Very much like the clothing detail in these, feels realistic and adds to the general theme of dishevelment.


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