Monthly Update: November 2021

Nearly forgot which year this is (again).
I thought this was 2022.

Work progression:
Currently working on a short comic.
The sketch for the main part is finished and I am working on a prologue and an epilogue to tell more stories.

Writing a story and balancing "dumb it down" or "get mystic" is still a challenge for me (I still blame the language for not being able to translate my thoughts and feelings because of the cultures it's been through and from).

I was about to do a "no text" comic. But I got a decent idea that I want to try it on to the format. So hopefully that works and I get to release it.

Social media note:
I am going to stop posting on Newgrounds. Some communication differences between me and there.
All videos will be shared exclusively from Google Drive until I find a healthier alternative.

I am still studying Wix to see if it's the right platform for my own website for all my purposes.

I am still looking for which site would be the best place for the paid content that I will be releasing in the future. Gumroad is currently on my top list.

Let me know if anyone has other suggestions for these social media sites that you want me to look into.

An inspiration note:
I had some monster design inspiration from that gigantic bestiary book series from Pathfinder game. Incredible ideas everywhere and mesmerizing images of the creatures.

Then recently, I got to watch Arcane on Netflix. A masterpiece of emotional animation, visual art, and sound design, if you ask me (got pretty emotional at the end of ep3). But I never got into the game itself that it is out of, which is League of Legends. Then the animation series got me into the characters. So I went into their site to investigate. Then it showed me some amazing visual arts of roughly 140 characters currently in there (although, some fans used to yell at me for not calling them "Champions"). So I thought, wow, I want to be able to do some of these.

So I think I will.

I'm fairly comfortable with bodies now for what it is. But I'm a bit behind with clothing and armor designs which can be used to tell the character's stories and complement some body parts. So if some League of Legend fans sees some familiar armor pieces in my future designs, that might be why.


  1. Yes, a lot of potential with League. Some people have messed with it but not with your aesthetic. I look forward to that.

    I think there’s a lot you can get done with a wordless project. Sometimes the ambience can be just as important as the action. There’s an older film called “Stalker” by Tarkovsky. Actually all of his films have this mystical flair to them. Most importantly are how he uses gazes.

    I get most people want to see orgasms galore (heck I do too, especially clitoral stimulation) but I also love any kind of deep setup- search for meaning, escaping the hollow world of “artifacts,” and/or how desire could possibly be quenched..and how often those noble pursuits get perverted, like in Alan Moore’s Neonomicon or Providence.

    But I’m all for your work, which is like a like a “middle way.” I don’t think there has to be always a falling into depravity, which is what so many artists tend to focus on in terms of “mind break” and the sort, with the hapless “victim” seeking more and more stimulation. I think it’s possible, on the other hand, to have elevation, transcendence even. Rather than the typical tropes of an organism that feeds off of the juices of a female or orgasmic energy (I do enjoy those), maybe such an encounter could serve as a means of awakening.


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