Imagined Becoming [Animation]

As whoever you can imagine that being. And maybe it is what has been secretly happening in a hidden dimension.

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Behind the scene notes:

This is the last Source Filmmaker animation from me. I wanted more flexibility and fewer trouble shootings.

Apologize for some sensitive eyes who may notice a few loop cuts in the scenes. I just left them in there; all these trouble shootings have been dragging this project way too long; compromise had to be made before I ran out of will to live (metaphorically). I'm gonna say that's one of the reasons why I want to move on from SFM. It had some issues with exporting videos and keeping them clean.

Another apology for the creators of the props that I used. I can't remember where they're from. It's been months. But if someone recognizes them and knows where they're from, let me know and I'll edit the description to credit them. And if they want this removed, I'll also do so.
I'm never comfortable using someone else's materials and this is another reason why I'm leaving SFM.


  1. THIS IS A GOOD START! Hoping to see more tentacles in action, more caress, going in both holes, covering of the whole body, tickling. That would be sexy. But great job. 😃

  2. Another great piece as usual, i love how these massive, feral creatures seem to have a soft spot for these humans, treating them with a lot of care and, possibly affection. Very nice

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you got the message from the creature. haha


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