Monthly Update: August 2021

My thumb hurts.


current projects:

- “Kate’s Journal” sequel.
I found some old unused drawings that I forgot about and thought that is a good recipe for the Kate’s Journal story. The third draft is almost done and I like it so far.

- An untitled comic short.
This is the one in which I’m letting the audience write the story in a contest and I’m doing the drawing and framing. It’s at the sketching stage of the process. The writing contest will be announced twice when it becomes more relevant.

- An untitled full comic series.
This is the paid content I’ve been writing for a few months. The first story arc (several chapters) draft is written and I’m debating how to progress the story and where it is going or re-writing the first story arc if it needs to be adjusted for the later story. It’s been satisfying work so far.

- “Therapy” short animation semi-sequel.
The sequel of the latest animation released. This one is about being fully engulfed with tentacles and snuggling in them. The animation process is nearly finished and I’ll have clip editing and sound designing to do afterward. This still might take a couple more months. That’s why I’m making paintings on the side as well because otherwise it’ll be too long without any art to publish and I’ll be bored. I’m making it so that it can be a full loop video. But that would mean the original intro scene wouldn’t fit in the loop. So I might publish that intro scene separately when I’m uploading the full sequel so it can be a fairly seamless loop.

Cheers to those who support me on Patreon. They are good motivation to keep my projects going because I don’t want to feel like I’m stealing money and doing nothing with the support I’ve been getting.

And thanks for the kind commenters as well for emotional support and helping me feel like I’m not alone.