Monthly Update: July 2021

The source filmmaker animation is picking up some momentum (both in the progression and the animation itself).

I have decided to do one angle with several scenes instead of several angles. And because I'm working with the same elements, I get to learn what I'm doing faster and use more of it. It is getting more comfortable to do increasingly complex animation in the current stage. So it is looking good so far.

The short comic book also now has a draft.

It is planned to be a total of 5 pages with about 3 image strips each and 1 page with a single larger image with a longer monologue.

I have a bit different idea about how to put down the written story in it, though. Instead of me writing the story, I'd like to make it an open writing contest and I pick my favorite one.

One reason is that it would probably take me another month or two re-writing 15 different drafts until something turns out not too overly overdramatic while still describing the "appropriate" emotions in a minimalistic number of letters. Another is because I do often enjoy reading what my audiences think if some of the critical ideas align.

I will make the announcement twice with this one when it is ready. One will be in the description of the said comic book image posts which will be posted without any text in the image. Another will be posted right after as a separate announcement post.

It could be fun. Or maybe everyone will hate me afterward except that one person I picked the writing of. We'll see.

A thought I've been having about the genre:

For me, erotica or ideas that arouse me is certainly more about the idea of it rather than bodily stimulation.

So, a woman-swallowing tentacle monster may be capable of blowing a woman's mind while doing the "all-the-way-through" from every orifice of the body while twisting her into odd shapes and angles. And I think that's generally what's expected of tentacle porn. But for me, with everything I know about human biology and psychology and myself, that's not how it would work, or at least not in any meaningful way to me.

It is a fantasy. So it can be anything. Laws of physic, biology, and psychology can be whatever it wants. So I understand why some wondered why I'm not open to more diverse situations when the monsters I depict are all-capable god-like beings when it comes to handling lust and body masses.

But every fantasy also needs a conduit for some audience, especially the author, to be able to find it relatable, to connect with the story, to be able to empathize with whatever is going on in that fantasy through that conduit. Usually, that conduit is some form of humanity (Not necessarily the "good-in-us" definition of humanity. But more of just "us-being-us". You can find this in any movies or music or etc.)

To me, that conduit is the female lead characters in my stories and the monsters who empathize with her and want to give her the joy that they can. 

There are things that are definitely acknowledged as fantasy or fetish that I don't understand such as pain being pleasurable nor why I would want to un-do (devour, absorb, dissolve) the one who loves me. It's not like I hate them. I just don't see why they are pleasurable, the same as why I'm not making any pedophilic content nor elderly transgender orgy.

I know tentacle erotica is considered one of the most extreme and weird types of fetish. And as a creator of such content, I am expected to be open to pretty much anything that's more commonly accepted. I'm pretty sure that's not how sexual preferences work though. There are certainly a lot of more common things that are not for me.

But I do understand that the pleasure from being dominated by another often comes from being able to relax and be comfortable with it because of how much they trust each other and share the joy for the theme. And I also know that it doesn't take much to get a woman the arousal she wants, maybe no more than two fingers or some delicious vocabulary, if she's in the mood for it.

The grotesque and horrifying monster, the tentacles that can penetrate and tear through her body if they wanted, the slime to let her know where the monster is tasting her, the poses that it is making her take, and bounding her to that inescapable flesh of lust, they are all to set for that said mood.

The monster just needs to show that it likes her. Anyone who went in there willingly and knowingly should surely like it when it does as well. And the dominant one only needs to lead just a little bit ahead for her so that she can pace with it and feel good doing it.

It is like a dance, not so unlike tango, but in between two very different types of beings, and somehow achieving perfect harmony with their passions.

That is my approach to my monster fantasy.


  1. You wrote: “I don't understand such as pain being pleasurable”.
    As graduated Doctor of Neural systems, I can describe: in our brains area which responsible for pain is nearest to area which response to sexual feeling. Therefore when we are in high sexual mood then light and average pain will increase sexual feeling. Both area work as single unit. It is part of evolution: in old times sex often could have been unpleasant (at tingling grass or in dirty earth/sand) or penetration process and frictions, but for Live Extension if not critical pain will add sexual mood then we will have more children.
    P.S. Sory for my bad english.

    1. Oh yeah, I have heard of something similar saying, "we evolved this way for the survival of the species" part of the explanation. Something about causing friction-and-pressure-based stimulated to a fairly sensitive organ, the spasm from it that we call orgasm, and giving birth are all essentially causing ourselves a lot of physical pain. But we're wired to enjoy doing them because otherwise we won't want to make babies and our species will be more likely to go extinct (or perhaps the people who weren't wired that way already have). Sex also exchanges a lot of germs and our shower-and-soap-based hygiene standard didn't come along until early 20th century when WW1 nurses noticed people kept dying more from infections than physical trauma from what I heard. I thought that might be why the thought of sex causes a lot of people to think it's "something gross", especially with younger ones, and also might be why something gross may arouse some people, occasionally myself as well.

      I didn't know the pain and arousal parts of our brain were right next to each other. That is good to know.

      I still hate pain. I'm one of those type who essentially stops everything if I feel hurt or ill, thus is why none of my characters gets either during the intercourse.

    2. You are very beautifully able to convey pleasure! Your animated pixelart is very exciting. This is a talent that you can excite thoughts without violence (I have seen only 3-4 such comics from other authors). You bring the viewer to the emotion that he himself can think of what he likes or wants most.

      There is another interesting fact about pain: it is associated with taste. We feel only 4 types of taste: sweet, xylo, salty and bitter (the Japanese say that we still feel the taste of protein/meat). But why then do many people like spicy? We have’t organs to feel the taste of spicy (for example, red pepper). In fact, "spicy" is just a Burn! Pepper burns the mucous membrane of our tongue/mouth, and the organism understands that it hurts us and that we are not so offended - it injects endorphins (pleasure hormone) into the blood. As a result, it turns out that we specially burn ourselves with sharp spices to get pleasure from the body. The burning sensation may be pleasant (very pleasant), but this is a different mechanism.

      Why does the mechanism that pain during arousal increases arousal not work for you? Maybe you have a low pain threshold. Maybe the areas of pain and excitement are further away in your brain. We are all unique and everyone's brain is slightly different (someone is left-handed, someone remembers well, some of the women do not experience any enthusiasm at all). You are divergent, but thanks to this, you draw better and more interesting than others. You can show pleasure in a way that others can't.

    3. Aw, I'm flattered how you think of me and my works.

      I have to admit, though, I do love spicy food. I'm quite sensitive otherwise with most other senses that I know of and being in an environment design to stimulate such as any nightlife street or crowded cafe can be painful for me. But spicy food, I might have burnt off some senses there since I was young. And definitely got some positive feedbacks from it.

      But I can work with that. The next time I see someone likes being whipped, I can think, 'Ow, that lassie likes it spicy and the chef is ready to cook!'
      And call it my internal innuendo that I'll never say out loud. haha

  2. Perhaps the person who I am am quoting will roll in his grave but Tolkien in his essay (which is a great read on the role of fantasy in civilization) mentions two primeval human needs- the desire to explore time and space; and communion with living things. The latter has been emphasized in so many works at varying degrees, even in the nightmare of Neon Genesis Evangelion. During the lead up to and the actual orgasm (which many people term also the “little death”) I suspect such a moment is the closest to experience a sense of infinity and going beyond ourselves.

    Lately I have noticed a shift towards mind/body dualism, since over time many have sought to adjust, if not change, their body to match their mind. Why can’t this also be said with choosing a partner or means to achieve absolute pleasure? The tentacle creatures and whatever else are essentially what is called for to satiate a person’s seemingly infinite desire. Couple that with what I said above and it seems the tentacle monster’s pleasure in comparison may be inconceivable to even satisfy, which is why oftentimes people use tropes like it needs to live off of a female’s juices (one of my favorites for whatever reason) or to absorb the “energy” of a woman’s orgasm. If those are the “needs” of the creature, it’s not hard to rationalize brutal if not excessively violent monsters taking what they need. The human’s sexual pleasure is only an effect, something that happens along the way rather the main focus. But that’s where your work comes in by providing a great contrast and refresher to a genre that typically is all about body betraying forced orgasms and “mind breaks.”

    Another very strange thought that came to me is that perhaps a tentacle monster is making love to our tentacle selves (look at a human model of just the nervous system). Just a thought lol.

    1. I like the ways how you see the subject, especially the parts about how we have desire to communion with living things and that there are tentacle selves within us.


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