Monthly Update: February 2021

 The comic book plan is going fairly well despite my current house-less situation. I'm often borrowing electricity and wifi from public places.

I am making a practice story that I will be releasing soon. I just need a page or two of prologue, epilogue, written texts, and color. 

Aside from that comic book practice, I've been writing a full comic book as a remake/sequel that I've been trying to make from one of my previous stories via a suggestion from my Patreon supporter. The writing is going smoothly and will be more polished than my practice run. I'm planning to release it on online comic book store shelves that allow erotic stories for $5 while I'll also be giving a free link to the Patreon supporters.

Another idea I've been having is about 100+ pages of novel book. And the story will be the same as the animated video game idea I've been thinking about and meant to collaborate with a programmer. But instead of experiencing it as a game and animations, it'll be written story, to appeal audiences of either preferences. It's mostly to see if I can get them done than trying to make a masterpiece. It also means the animation/video game concept is still on going. I'm expecting the process of both could take a few months.

The images below are some slips from the current comic book practice.

Edit: Oh, and, the other art style that I brought up on the last month's update, that idea has been overwritten into my own comic book style when I decided I'm making comic books. I'll still release those images polished later though. And the story is still quite similar.


  1. Hey dude, good to see you manage to keep yourself up tho it sounds like you are having it quite difficult right now. Love your work and i keep on watching you improve and growth.

    I hope you manage to do better doing the stuff you love, best wishes from here


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