Flexing my old Source Filmmaker muscles.

Something that I was able to produce a lot of images quickly.
And also because I couldn't find anybody else making a flesh pit BDSM with Resident Evil 3 Remake props yet. I figured I can fill in the blank.

SFM Prop/Model Sources:
RE3R - Jill [BETA]:
Resident Evil 3 Remake Monster Pack:

I am very appreciative of those prop makers, especially the fleshy monster models. It's hard to find the ones with the scales and details of my liking.
The female character (Jill) model was great too. Though it had some issues with the face and I had to limit the expression.


  1. THIS IS AMAZING! But it would be much better to make this into an animation!

  2. Mmm ~~ Lara croft has been loved by many mutants of the outbreak,


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