Twisted Wishes

The witch-doctor found a use for the parasites that she extracted from her demon patients. They had plenty of body mass and the essence of horror enough to make her own miniature hell.

This became her private place where she’d go to relax and play.

She liked her memory temporarily locked away so the experience can feel more real or make herself believe that it’s one of her wet dreams. But being miniaturized into a barrel of parasites that saps her magic away could mean she’d be trapped in there for quite a long time.

Fortunately, she had a house demon. He is sort of a butler and a pet who is pretty much infused with the house and possesses quite a bit of power as long as he has her permission. He has been helping her to manage her cursed items so they won’t explode and be released back into hell.

With the fact that he is a demon, which means it’s fairly standard for him to be quite lewd, and that he pretty much is a house, she was pretty sure he’s been touching himself while watching her in showers or when she was touching herself as well. So when she asked him to mind-control both her and the parasites to keep her safe and sexually dominated by the cursed critters, he was more than happy to secure her under her requests.

He’ll put her unconscious, undress her, and make her small until the parasite colony can swallow her whole. Then she’ll be awake, not remembering how she got there and surprised by the careful attention they are giving to her naughty bits. She couldn’t figure out whether this is a dream or is actually happening. She was naked both physically and magically. And those horrendous tongues really made it feel good. The shiver and thrill tingled all across her nerves as they ate and aroused her, making her mind fixate and numb to the stimulations and the situation. Thinking that she got lucky with a flesh cave or having another wet dream, she felt quite comfortable letting the demonic flesh and tentacles fondle all over her private parts. She danced to their caresses, humping them like they are making her cum, completely unaware that someone was watching her, and getting quite naughty herself without any filters.

After a time, the house demon will restore her memory and magic, allowing her to escape her dungeon without harm. She’d often find her butler’s swelling pink sacs dripping with his sexual fluids, the signs of arousal which he couldn’t quite hide, which she took as a compliment and flattered that he enjoyed the show.

The house demon, meanwhile, has been learning a lot of how her mistress’s body works and what situations make her naughty. And she looked tasty when she’s horny.

Once, the ways she made requests turned him on quite stiffly. Knowing how he thinks of her performance, she glared at him with an intoxicating glee while he was putting a mind-control spell on her. Without being able to resist his urge to feed on her lust, his mind twisted her wishes, realizing that her wishes do allow him to eat her himself instead of feeding her to her usual genital eaters. Already under his mind-control, the girl did not resist as her clothes were removed by the elongated groping hands. His swelling tongue kissed the witch’s mouth while his fingers massaged her soft womanhood. Her breath quickened almost to moans as her body unconsciously accepted his mouth sucking her tongue and his finger entering her vagina. It was easy to make her cum after watching her so often. But he didn’t want to waste any drop of her delicious fluid. He picked her up, had her seated on his face, and he continued kissing.

She came, spasming, and squirting thick fluid.

It tasted like she would be a delicious meal within his stomach.

He stretched his jaw, opened his throat, and let the girl’s now blushed body slid into the pit of tentacles under his throat.

The time stopped except for the demon himself when his human victim, his own mistress, was to be tormented ceaselessly within his organs. In his own sac of flesh, the demon was a god to her. When he returned her consciousness, all she could see were herself naked and groped by the tentacles that transformed into shapes that were horrifying but also might feel pretty good if they kissed her in the right places. The sexual torture began and she could not resist enjoying it nor giving in to the repeating orgasms from various stimulations. And when her mind became flayed in ecstasy, he’d erase some of her recent memories and repair her mind to keep her pleasantly surprised and as sane as herself.

The torment in ecstasy continued. She was made to kiss and cum in all sorts of orifices and appendages. The girl’s mind broke again every few hours. Her demon kept reverting her back. Then she’d open her eyes, watch new monsters laying with her, made to moan as she loses herself with them until she loses her mind, and it repeated.

After what would be an eternity for a human, she was brought back to her house remembering a handful of ecstasies, still believing that she was in the bottle with the parasites.

She liked it, whatever her servant did.

She wanted more of that.

The night after, she requested whatever he did to her last night. With her mind and body possessed, she crawled into his mouth again, spending another lustful and orgasmic eternity in the house demon’s organs, completely dominated and sated, rattling and thrusting to her creepy admirers.


This is the remake of "Split", which can be found on this link:


  1. Just went through everything, you're on a roll! Looking forward to the future.

  2. what a beautiful story, this is the content that needs more attention!

    1. Aw, thanks!
      Hopefully, one day, it happens, and also hopefully more so because of how people enjoyed it rather than because of their phobias about the stuff that's going on in my stories.

  3. I just now start open to myself your creations, and this one especially hot as hell! God damn, i wish you have more, VERY MUCH MORE recognition than what i see now!

    Thank you so mush for this kind of story, this is awesome!

    1. Thanks!

      I am figuring out how to raise my productivity to see if it gets there. haha


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