Monthly Update: October 2020

The last animation I posted, Swallowed in the Swamp, went out alright.

The remake of Split is in progress. I'm trying to come up with monster concepts, backstory, and how I'm going to get it as detailed as I can.

Pornhub took down all of my videos. Non-consensual and incapacitation reasons, or something.
Sounded like somebody didn't get my memos.
I sent my complaints to them, maybe along with some vents about standards of the sex industry today. They responded quite kindly and said that they'll check some facts. But I haven't heard from them since.
I think my profile on Pornhub is going to stay dead.

Meanwhile, I started using my Newgrounds account for uploading videos.
Quite an active site. I might like this one.

My Blogger posts' text glitches have been fixed down to maybe 2015 ones to present.

I'm thinking of making products with what I make. Probably comic books or animating for game developers or designing a game myself.
I'm a bit scattered with other jobs because I need to pay rent and eat. I figured the income might as well be this and I can improve on this part more if so.
I'll still make free content. I just want some bigger projects that can worth a bit more awhile. Otherwise, I might have to have other professions that I can dedicate to, which makes doing this a bit more complicating, which I don't want it to come to.


  1. sucks to deal with that kind of things dude, the way you do your work is kinda unique so you have that going by your side. Tho personally i wish you could turn it a bit down with the digestive vore.

    Your style gives me interesting Teraurge vibes, so if you venture on making a game ill be one of the firsts to give it a try

  2. I just discovered your work and have been enthralled by it. It matches up with my aesthetic so much. I do hope that all continues to go well and I look forward to new installments. Thanks for being awesome!


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