Voting Poll: What to Remake?

      I've been in a mood to do some remake (re-polishing) for my previous works. It'll be the next project after the current animation project. I'm also wondering what would others want polished and know the scene's story.

     If you'd like to vote for which to be my remake project, you may write in the comment the top 3 titles of my previous works that you'd like to see. I'll pick the one that has been named the most from all across my community sites.

     A link along with the work's title is preferable. But I'll find it regardless if I know its title.

     An example of voting (and my top 3 are):

     #1. Organ Grinder:

     #2. Split:

     #3. Deep Flesh:

     To make it a bit more game-like, each ranking from your top 3 list will be scored differently.

     #1 would score 3, #2 would score 2, #3 would score 1.

     If ranking numbers aren't stated, they will all be scored 2.

     If there are 4 or more on the list, I will also appreciate it and consider the list for my future projects. But only the first 3 will be counted for this voting poll.

     I will reveal both "the most named" and "the highest scored" in 2 weeks (on the 13th of September). The highest scored title will be the one I'll be doing the remaking of. The most named title may be the project afterward if this goes well.

     My Blogger site ( is the only gallery that has all of my works or its link if it is a video. The other sites are a bit reduced due to various content restrictions.

     My suggestion for navigating my blogger site's old posts is by opening "Archive" tab on the right side of the screen (at least on Windows), and click "show more" at the bottom of that immediate Archive list, and browse by choosing each year. It was a better way to organize the browsing experience for me. That, or keep scrolling down and click "show more" at the bottom of the whole page and you'll eventually go through them all.


  1. Gumworms
    Untitled 75

  2. 1. Vary
    2. Gentle Flesh
    3. Damsel in Delight


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