Monthly Update: July 2020


      A lot of things happening in my life side of things. A lot of good things, fortunately. But it still does mean my time is being stretched a bit thinly. It is a struggle when I also do want to keep making the stories I introduced from the recent Monthly Updates.

     The leech story has been seeing more progress since the last update. 3 of its images are done, 4th one under a draft, 2 of them are newer images that wasn't introduced before, and I think about 2 or 3 more new images will do for the full story.

     Trying to write it with words, though, this is one of those stories that words make things harder to describe it appropriately subtle. I may just shorten the written story to give the images some contexts or not at all depends on how well I think the shown images can tell the story on their own.

     And maybe I can share all the written drafts for those who are more curious about it when I release the full content.

     With no interruption, I should be able to get it all done in 3 days.

     Realistically, I'm hoping to release the leech story before the end of this month. And then I can move on to the animation project.