Safe Place

     Curious and not particularly disturbed by the mutated creatures, she explored the tunnel fully covered by living flesh.

     She remarked as the flesh grew more diverse tentacles as the further she went in. They even responded to her presence. She examined them closer. Then one of them tried to slip into her pants.

     She did not stop it. She wanted to see what it would do. And it was teasing her naughty fantasy.

     But rather than wiggling around randomly, it began to lick around her crotch. Her eyes opening wide, fist clenched, and her whole body tensed from realizing what this might be.

     "What are you doing?"

     But she didn't try to stop it. It wasn't irritating or felt awful. Rather, it was a careful and focused massage. She watched it as she witnessed what the creature was driven for.

     She liked it and became aroused.

     She began to undress.

     She explored deeper into the fleshy tunnel to see how big and lively these tentacles can get.

     They all wanted her. They kept trying to please her, seduce her to stay.

     She kept slipping away, teasing them and walking further into their nest, hoping to see the tentacles daring enough that she wouldn't be able to break free.

     Eventually, she found tentacles that looked quite interesting for her as well as intimidating. She felt their lust coiling around her. She playfully resisted them only to learn how much they overpowered her.

     The tunnel closed in around her, trapping her in a single chamber that constantly evolved its anatomy to entertain her needs for horrid and yet pleasant domination fantasy. 

     She danced with the pacing tentacles as her mind became fixated with her lickers. Moaning and surrendering to the sensation and attention, she enjoyed every bit of her darkest fantasy becoming a reality.

     She was free to play whatever roles she wanted to play. Nobody else will know what happened to her. This was a safe place.


     This is a modification from a part of another script I was working on. This image didn't quite fit the other script. But it looked pretty interesting. So I decided to make it its own thing.

     I hope you enjoyed it.