Monthly Update: January 2020

     I realized a couple of digits have changed for this Monthly Update's title, notably the part that was 19 is now 20.

     Enjoying the last remaining week of my free-roaming world trip in the United States. I'm part nervous part excited about it. Because the next country I'll be visiting is the most likely place to be my new home (after a lot of paperwork and being busy).

     I've been wanting to practice painting more of dark/natural scenic atmospheres, landscapes, character expressions, clothes, chambers, and monsters. Some of them won't be sexually themed or have a story written on it. But it is to enhance the visual storytelling in the future.
     It's also because I'm a bit burnt out with story writing. I'll get back to it later though.

     The main part of the next slime-based image is already done. I've been just staring at it a lot to see if I can add anything more to it. I got an idea for the background. So I'll just add that and if nothing else comes to my mind, I'll probably post it within a week.


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