Monthly Update: November 2019

     "Obliee" series in progress in painting, writing, and pixel animation styles.

     Obliee is the name of the female lead in this series.
     The name came from researching what "dungeon" means and how I can fit it into the story's title. I've been inspired a lot by the artworks of a boardgame Pathfinder's bestiary books. And I heard the team who made Pathfinder used to work with Dungeon & Dragons. So I was going to name it something like that. But it became too derivative and eventually didn't want to use the word "dungeon" entirely. Then I learned that the word Dungeon used to spell Donjon among other variations from different languages. English and French stood out on top. And some used it to describe the well known "underground prison" while some definitions said that it is a central fortified tower in a keep (that usually has underground floors). I kept following the French variations because I still wanted something that means dungeon without using that word directly. Then "oubliettes" appeared. I thought it sounded beautiful and feminine despite it probably means a bunch of underground torture chambers (forgive my french). So I typed what I thought was the more feminine sounding of that, oubliee, and see what happens. It said it is feminine singular of the past participle of oublier, according to Wikidictionary. I searched what oublier means and it said it is a verb "to forget" or "to leave something behind by accident" among many things, which sounded like a good theme and also reminded me a lot of what "oblivion" sounds like.
     I mixed them a bit and that's what her name, Obliee, came to be. And the meanings I found became the base of her character to develop from as well as the overall story.

     You may have noticed the first chapter that's already out, "Obliee: Agony" has no written story after the story being under development for two months.
     The words were, per se, "inappropriate". And I mean the words I put in were either saying too much to a point that they were pushing it out of tune or too little that they told as much as if they said nothing. It kept getting cringy. It was better to just show than say with that first one.
     I'm enjoying its backstories and how it is being developed. More will be revealed later in different forms of expression with each chapter explaining the pieces of who Obliee is and how the place she is in came to be.