Monthly Update: September/October 2019

     I missed the last month's update. It has been a few busy weeks traveling and catching up with friends in different places.

     Something that regards my Patreon supporters: If you have been donating because of my last job starving me, I have been temporarily not in near-poverty and I no longer need the donation to support my meals for the time being. But if you have been donating for the contents I make and would like to continue, the support does mean more than money to me. And I do appreciate both supports.

     Trip-wise, my friends I have been visiting have been very accommodating in showing me around and letting me stay over their places, which saved me a lot of money and got me a lot of perspectives on each of those countries before I decide where to get my next job and make it a new home. I have been to Okinawa in Japan, Ontario (mostly Toronto) and Montreal in Canada, and I'm on the west side of Germany at the moment.
     I am curious how the locals here would react to the contents I make. From what I heard and what I've seen from the places I've been to so far, Germans are the most educated, open-minded, and well taken care of when it comes to sex. Would tentacle sex still be a subject of standup comedians' sex joke around here or would that be another sex joke that won't work because, "well, that's kind of a normal thing around here"?

     Productivity-wise, I am focusing on one title with multiple images and story sequences from one image that I completed before I left Canada last month. I have been saving that image and did not post yet because I wanted it out as a cover image with the rest of the images and the completed story. There were several story concepts I've been switching around since. And I believe I have one that I like to keep and make graphic-novel-style images out of it. The progress and imageries have been good despite the social and travel time with my friends. And we're relaxing for a few days, so I'm hoping the progress would be more visible and maybe even finish it sometime soon-ish.