Monthly Update: June 2019

     Just updated "Nest" a couple of days back.
     I couldn't figure out its story. I had some interesting background stories. Then it came down to the sex scene and they all felt a bit redundant. It felt better to just keep them in the mystery rather than describing them which I have already done many times before. I'll probably update its story later when I come up with something.
     Let me know if you have any suggestion. PM (or email) me if you want to discuss the story more directly so others won't be spoiled.

     In the meanwhile, I also updated "Sam Licker", a Source Filmmaker work.
People's been putting some good models in the lab and workshop, and I wanted something moving and familiar for myself. Then I figured it looks good enough to share. So I uploaded it.
     It's a quickie image (in the middle of my process of animation) that I didn't even bother to censor. So it'll probably be taken down in various sites.
     It's the one in this link:
     I am animating it for fun of it. If I don't get bored of it too early and ends up making it looks good enough to share, I'll upload the animation later as well.

     Oh, and, for art inspiration, there was a James Jean art exhibition in the area I was able to visit and that was fantastic. It was like I was melding into it.
     You can search him on Google by his name. He's also known for doing some movie posters as well (some of which happens to be my favorite movies). If you are an artist or art enthusiast, maybe his works will do something to you too.