Xploration Specimens - Specimen I17: Slug Centipede

After the first few hours of exploring various lust feeding creatures in the marsh, I sensed an alluring scent coming from the marsh. From the way it smelled, I expected (or hoped for) a giant flower that’d swallow me whole and feast on my naughty fantasies. But I ended up entangled on a trail of slime with a strong alluring scent. I realized it was a trap. And like a moth caught on a spider web, I was quickly seized by a centipede slug.
Centipede slug is an enormous slug with hundreds of tentacle-like appendages that resembles that of centipede legs. It is incredibly mobile and intelligent for its size. But despite its physical prowess, its slime is where it truly shines (literally, also).
The slug can use its tongue’s neural signals to change its slime’s properties. It can attract, seduce, sooth, entrap the prey, or move it as if the slime is a living entity. It can even be a highly nutritious source of food and water if the prey wants to accompany the slug for hours or days. And while the prey is struggling on the slime trying to escape, its pleasant chemical is inhaled by the prey, seamlessly causing one to relax. It is the beginning of the slug’s seduction.
When the prey is ensnared, the slug attempts to calm a frightened prey and seduce one to allow sexual stimulation that could lead to an ecstasy. It would continue producing pleasant scent, show off its tongue (which is also its genital, which means the prey is covered in its genital fluid at this point and being aroused by its scent) and its mouth to tease what it wants to do with the prey’s body. The slug massages and caresses with its tentacle appendages. This is partially to calm the stressed prey and stimulate arousal. But in another part, the slug would be probing the meal of its delicacy before it feast. Its appendages do not grope anywhere too intrusive yet. But with its probing eyes fixed on prey’s crotch, it is easy to see what it wants to do.

Despite the slug itself being aroused by the prey and probably having various imaginative thoughts, it patiently watches and waits for the prey to show any sign of approval. As much as these creatures feed on lust, any doubts or forced orgasms do not produce pleasure that they need. Even a curious prey like myself who didn’t need seduction was properly aroused by its foreplay before the sexual theme began to take its physical form. And it was particularly relieving for me to know that they’d let go of its prey if one is too grossed by the slug or isn’t in the mood despite its efforts.
When the slug senses the prey is properly warmed up and willing, it can finally begin to play with the prey. It starts by kissing over the whole body. It gently nibbles, licks, and sucks all over the body, including sexual organs, without lingering one place for too long. Its tongue produces even more of its genital fluid which lubes the prey completely. And when the prey enjoys how its kiss the body, it gently moves its attention to the prey’s mouth.
Its mouth and tongue are massive in comparison to any humanoid species. But the slug manages to not overwhelm the prey. The slime covers the prey’s mouth, and it usually tastes sweet like honey or even minty depends on preferences. Ingesting its warm genital fluid is inevitable, especially if the prey kisses it back and the slug’s tongue enters the prey’s mouth directly. This can feel like sucking an enormous male’s penis when it’s moving in and out of one’s mouth and tasting its mucus from it. And that isn’t inaccurate either since it is a genital after all as much as it is its tongue.
The chemical that seduced the prey by the scent would now pour into the prey’s system in its more concentrated liquid form. On top of having a deep kiss, swallowing the slime and ingesting the chemical directly turns on the prey even further. This is also a process of feeding nutrition and hydrating the prey. Any prey that wants to go far with this slug will need that extra energy. Good thing that its genital produces rather delicious mucus.
Other than kissing and producing slime, there are a couple of more things that the tongue is good for. One that’s easily noticeable is the visual intimidation. It does look quite gross, enormous, wiggly like a giant worm (and it is part of a giant worm), constantly drooling, and has a bumpy surface area. The idea of having sex with such thing can scare away some, or turn on some others. The next thing one may notice is that it provides an amazing surface area for one to hump on. It is warm, perfectly lubed, hardy enough to handle the pressure a prey may want to apply, just enough bumps to build extra stimulation, and alive. If you are a girl or likes anal, it also got everything it needs to perform satisfying penetrations. But if one wasn’t prepared before getting caught and forgot to be naked in its slime trap like I was in my first experience, the tongue begins to show its specialty a bit more vividly during the humping part.
All the slime that the slug produces contains something akin to neurons, which is how the tongue can manipulate to change its property. This can extend to the point where they can move at will. And while its tongue alone is excellent at sexual stimulation, this physical manipulation from the slime can give extra stimulation to more delicate regions of the body such as clitoris. Whenever the tongue slips over an erogenous zone (such as a female genital in my experience), one can feel a bit of vibration over the clitoral hood, a bit of sucking throughout her vulva, or even something that felt like a wet fingering towards the g-spot.
And if the prey was wearing a cloth, like a full bio suit if a prey like myself was collecting data from it, any amount of slime that managed to slip inside of the cloth can allows the sensation that, while visually the tongue may only lick the surface of the clothes, feel as if the tongue is licking its way inside of a vagina. With the prey’s clothes fully intact, this can be quite a sneaky illusion. And the slug plays it really well. Despite how alien this can feel, the prey will eventually be pretty much trained to expect such stimulation every time the tongue touches the body, whether because the tongue is repeating its pace slow and relaxing enough for the prey to pick up on its moves or because the prey is grinding on it on one’s own pace.
One could wonder about the slime, ‘Isn’t that moving thing what I just ate?’ But fortunately, it never made me feel like anything was moving inside of my organs. Though, if the slug can feel through the slime, it is possible that it enjoys the sensation of being eaten by the prey as much as it likes to eat the prey.
While the tongue plays with the prey’s lust, the rest of the body also receives appropriate attention. Bounded by tentacle appendages, the whole body cuddling the slug’s belly, and feeling slime coating the skin can all be fairly stimulating to the one playing with the slug.
Other than snuggling inside and out of its prey, another thing the slug really likes is seeing a naked body of a humanoid being. It isn’t clear how it handles that of other species. But it did get particularly aroused when seeing the only testable humanoid subject around, me, naked (perhaps because we are usually concealed and that teases the creature?). If the prey doesn’t resist, the slug will relieve the prey’s true body from one’s artificial shells that have been teasing the shape of what’s inside. Even the bio-suit, the one that’s infamous for being difficult to remove, was easily taken off when sentient lube was coated in between the skin and the suit. (This may be worth investing for the future development of the suit’s functions. I really hate taking it off, especially when I was sweating and sticky. Maybe I should have this slug in my dorm and ask it to lick me every time I undress.)
One of the biggest difference also worth noting is how centipede slug’s tongue changes when it is aroused, particularly noticeable when one sees a naked humanoid. It begins to pulse as if it’s pumping more blood into it (or whatever the fluid it runs with) and the slime it produces become foggier. This is an indication that the tongue has become more of a sexual organ than a licking organ, and can use it to be sexually stimulated by its prey. Basically, it is primed to mate.
Upon seeing and seizing a naked prey covered in its own genital fluid, the slug begins to apply its sexual organ onto its prey’s. It stimulates the prey in the pace they practice together or starts a new cycle of stimulations. And while the prey blissfully allows oneself to be feasted by the lust-crazed slug, the pacing soon starts to gradually increase in its speed and intensity. The slug, now ready to taste the orgasm, apply itself with the intent to bring its prey to the climax.
This is when the prey can really feel the slug’s lustful predatory instinct. Orgasm becomes very difficult to resist. And multiple climaxes is easy because its slime has both stimulant and pain-soothing properties. And even if one does manage to resist, or already came but eager for multiple, so far it was only showing off its tongue and not full oral stimulation. There’s a lot more the slug can do from within its drooling maw.
Before the slug properly 'eat’ rather than just lick, it would want the prey to see what it is about to do. If the prey is already fallen into an ecstasy and having one’s head arched back or one’s eyes closed in the shower of pleasure, the slug slows down so it can get the attention from the craving prey. When its prey sees a monstrous mouth drooling its mucus from anticipation, all one can do is watching it descending closer to the crotch and wonder what more can happen beyond its tongue already giving intoxicating stimulation. A mouthful of the prey’s groin goes into the slug’s maw where its gum knawing the whole bottom area in a pool of bliss. Visually, it is fairly scary to have one’s entire groin inside of a predatory monster’s hungry mouth. But the region of the body that is inside of its mouth actually feels quite cozy and warm with all the mix of chemicals and biomass that’s filling its mouth. Stimulation also becomes more vile and direct, faster if it senses the climax is near. Also, note to girls, the tongue would now be inside of the vagina. It licks, thrusts, and keeps pumping that milky vibrating slime. And it somehow makes it feel like there are multiple tongues giving their full attention to the prey’s wet desire.
With every moans, jolts, thrusts, joy, and orgasms, the centipede slug feast on the prey’s spasming body. The prey can gasp, scream, laugh, try to talk to the slug, hump in its mouth, thrash in orgasms, struggle to break free, or embrace its head. But no matter what the prey does, the slug keeps eating more, presses its tongue onto the climaxing crotch, feeling all of the prey’s pulsing sensation through orgasms as if a leech is sucking on one’s sexual organ. With its prey potent with lust and its slime assisting throughout the body, this climax can easily last a few minutes without fatiguing the meal.
Only when the prey is spent and ready to rest, the slug released the prey from its creepy bondage. It’ll let the prey go free, hoping the meal would return. Or if the prey prefers to stay for a bit more cuddle and a date, it feeds the prey with its slime to help one recover. One can still choose to leave after this date when its slime soup and a bath makes one feel rather rejuvenating. But more often than not, that leads to a call for the next round.
The furthest I’ve been with the centipede slug came after this lunch date. I wanted to see more. So I started fondling its head, teasingly grinding my crotch on its mouth. After a few minutes of it letting me hump its mouth, it decided I was ready for the next experience.
It picked me up, its tongue coiled around my body, its mouth extending enough to fit my whole body, and swallowed me whole. I felt its flesh pressing my body and swallowing me down deep inside of its stomach. My body was submerged in its stomach slime except for my head so I can breathe. But my lung was filling in with more of its arousing chemicals than air. It made my mind to keep slipping into some of the naughtiest sexual fantasies I can think of. Then without anything else touching me, I started having orgasms within seconds. I’m not entirely sure what happened inside other than I felt really happy being in there and screaming with every breath because I just kept coming non-stop. And even though I only remember having it for a few minutes, it’s been few hours when I was back outside.
The centipede slug I dated only allowed me to be inside of its stomach that one time despite my various attempts. It is unclear why it doesn’t want to swallow me again. But if they are as empathetic as I think they are, it is possible that it feels guilty about being able to exploit a prey by turning one into an orgasmic husk and taking full control of one’s body and mind. Or perhaps unconscious orgasms didn’t taste as good. I must find a way to convince it that I want to be back in its stomach again (for scientific reasons, of course).
Until then, playing with various moves have been fun. And I got a slug to feed.