Flesh Devourer: Digestive System

The tentacles gently clenched Cora’s lower half. They must have sensed how much she was enjoying this thrill. She couldn’t help it but give away aroused gasps panting from her smile when she felt something familiar in between her legs.
“Why do you always eat me?” Cora asked, embracing the monstrous tongue slithering over her petals.
“You taste good.”
Cora blushed, bit her lips, and pressed herself on the tongue underneath. She knew he was genuine, knowing that the things he devours in this chamber usually wouldn’t be as squishy as her and he’s been licking her vaginal fluid for quite some time.
There were so many of his parasitic creatures built to eat smaller bits within his digestive system. And she can tell that there was one in between her legs, softly licking its way around her body to keep her warmed up before it can eat her. She knew what happens when that parasite uses its mouth. And she won’t be able to fight it when that happens to her. Its mouth could be on her crotch at any moment now. She resumed struggling, listening to his tentacles squirming its slime all around her body. But now she was less pretending to escape and more of humping on its tongue herself. She wanted to feel him kissing her body again.

The creature Cora was playing in its digestive system was a ‘flesh devourer’, a mutant and a cannibal of his kind. He was a type who can eat and turn both their body and mind into parts of himself. But instead of hunting for people, he mostly feasts on other mutants. Their flesh, mutations, intelligence, and memories become fused with him. And while he maintained his sanity somehow, his appearance resembled a pile of tormented melting mutants.
As a researcher and a mutant hunter looking for the most exotic and dangerous mutants, he was an incredibly lucky find for Cora. Instead of keep needing to find new mutants, he was already a combination of thousands of them. And while he is indeed the most dangerous mutant she ever encountered, he was not a threat to her. An entity like that who wants to eat her but not as a dinner was a nice change of pace.
It took Cora months to be able to trust him. It was a reasonable caution in the world like this with a being like that. There were lots of traveling, exploring, hunting together, fighting each other, and then saving each other. Eventually, Cora’s fetish about mutants, which was a part of why she was interested in them, began to show when she was learning other mutant’s eating habits from his transformations. And when he hinted that he also been hiding his lust for her, Cora had to ask him how safe it would be to have sex with him. As much as he was designed to handle all sorts of bodies, there were ways to play safe for her as well. And when she saw the potentials for how enjoyable and sexy it can be, she had to put that to the test in physical form.
The first sex was, of course, awkward and disappointing. There were a lot of elements that were incompatible with each other. But they agreed to continue exploring this aspect of their interests. And after a while, they ended up forming a relationship that they can hardly spend a day without snuggling each other. And because they both were often skilled hunters in their respectful ways, it was easy to imagine being dominated by another, which they applied often in forms of role-plays. Sometimes she got to play a hunter who flirts with her captured prize. Other times like today, she got to relax and let him show off what he’s been using to devour mutants. And it seemed he remembered she’s been wanting to see his digestion chamber again.
This was the chamber to break apart and dissolve much tougher creatures, the ones he couldn’t on the way in. They are still usually disarmed by the time they reach here. And once they are here, everything from the wall starts to crush, tear, shred, and dissolve them while fusing his flesh with the creature that he eventually molds with himself. And since this is one of the first places where the fusion happens, it has been convenient for him to just store their shapes within this chamber until he needed them outside. It was like a heaven for Cora when she first found out, and he approved her examining them as she liked.
When she visited here again for the second time earlier, she was ready for a role-play and entered here like a hunter ready to take some mutant heads in their nest. But he also fully adapted this flesh chamber into a living sex dungeon. She noticed the walls were much more alive, giving her the idea of how she would be eaten if she gets caught and by what kind of creatures. When they tried to ensnare her, she was able to resist it. He allowed her some chance to fight back. There was plenty of space for her to move around instead of the room closing down on her in the first place. But while performing some incredible moves dodging his tentacles and hands, she got caught in a pit of tentacles on the floor where its mouth opened just before she landed. It was a fused overgrown leech where he uses to tear his other victims apart and suck their fluid. It seemed she fell to be its next prey. She couldn’t pull her legs out from it and was quickly seized by tentacles all around the chamber that 'disarmed’ her as she sank further into its maw, leaving her naked in the presence of horny creatures watching her struggle.
It seemed like he liked her role-play idea of a hunter raiding a tentacle nest. Because if this was a nest, this was also where they breed. She realized she was going to mate with this leech sucking her legs further down while others watch them doing it.
She recognized this leech. Instead of latching onto a host and sucking their blood, these ones usually swallow the prey a whole and bleed them with their teeth within them. It was more of a predator than a parasite. And they have three tongues in them that can penetrate into their prey and swerve their body so they are well distributed all over their mouth. Not at all something that she thought she wanted to find herself within. Fortunately for her, there were gummy tentacles instead of its usual teeth. The whole leech has been transformed into something that is compatible with her physiology, relatively, while keeping its essence such as its nature to swallow a prey whole. Some parts, such as its tongues, felt like they were kept to its wild form, coiling around her legs and spreading them apart to keep her vulnerable to its greed for the prey’s fluid.
'I guess I’m about to learn what its like to be licked by one of these leech tongues.’ Cora thought as she went down. She knew they’d be huge and strong since they were evolved to tear a lot bigger prey than her. But she wasn’t expecting them to be so slimy and bumpy on the surface. 'And those are only two tongues. Where is the third?’
The answer was somewhere underneath these tentacle teeth. She kept sinking down. And without being able to close her legs, those tentacles freely moved around in between her thighs and eventually slithered all over the bottom of her groin. She panted, feeling those tentacles wiggling on her genitals, and tried to cover her groin with her hands. But as soon as she let go of its jaws that she’s been trying to push herself out with, she started sinking much faster. She allowed him to touch her and tried to resist him sucking her body in again. Those slime grazing sound kept getting louder as they got excited. And soon she felt it over her skin up to her lower abdomen where her waist began to sink in. But just when she thought it can’t get any naughtier, she began to feel something else underneath. There was something long and wet sliding over her crotch. It curved to make a shape that can cover all around her pubis to hips. And She felt its bumps really pressing on clitoral hood and labia.
She found her third tongue she was looking for. And it knew how to get to her fluid. Unlike how it tears the fluid out of mutants, it played it gently until she was properly warmed up. As much as she tried to resist, her body became loosen as her mind fell into the pool of pleasure. She closed her eyes, imagining her petals rubbing against his savage tongue. She moaned as her will to resist sapped away.
'I can try to escape again later. I just want to feel this a bit longer…’ Cora began to tell herself that she was still in control and this is what she wanted.
On one hand, it helped her to get aroused. On the other hand, it felt a bit too early to submit to him like that. And while she wondered how she succumbed to it, she remembered the slime from the leech’s mouth has a property to seduce its prey to allow anything. It isn’t healthy for the leech to have a struggling food within its mouth. To reduce that, the leech developed a type poison that paralyzes while its acid softens its flesh. That snotty fluid coming from its tongues must be something akin to that. But while strong acid would be great for her host to use it on one of his dinners, it felt like he repurposed those poisons to match how he wanted to eat her. She didn’t feel like she was going numb or melting. Instead, she felt relaxed. And unlike how the leech’s tentacles felt a bit overstimulating and irritating earlier, they all felt nice and soothing.
“What’s on these tongues?” Cora asked, sounding a bit out of breath. “What are you doing to me?”
Instead of telling what it was, the tongue began to slide upward, coiling her whole body, around her breasts and necks, until it faced in front of her mouth. This was the tongue that just licked her crotch. It was dripping with that mystery slime, probably along with her own bodily fluid. And unlike what she anticipated, it didn’t smell bad at all. It smelled a bit sweet, maybe something akin to a cream. But somewhere in there, she can still smell some kind of odor. It was close enough to her face that she can recognize it. This was what she smelled last time she tasted his equivalent of male genitals. This leech has been rubbing her vagina with his ejaculation drooling out of its tongues. And now it was in front of her mouth, waiting for her approval.
She licked the tip of his tongue with hers, tasting it, then pulling its fluid into her mouth and swallowed it. It felt like a chicken egg fluid. But it definitely tasted sweeter on top of tasting his genitals. Regardless, she thought she was going to feel obnoxious by it. Instead, she felt her body warming up, her mind calmed, and started feeling sexier about everything. Seeing how he found her attractive, she wanted him to rub against her however he liked. He already had her vulnerable. And his tongue looked like it would feel really nice inside her. She licked his tongue again, but to please him this time. Then she kissed its tip, then she sucked it into her mouth, then began licking him within her mouth. It felt exactly like sucking one of his tentacle penis, except this one was in a form of the leech’s tongue. On top of his fluid soaking all around her body from the tongue that coiled all over her, she began to feel his juice going down through her throat. Whatever the chemicals it was made of, she was about to find out.
It continued to soothe her body. It was making her excited. But it wasn’t making her nervous. Every tentacle that touched her began to move more vigorously, knowing that she won’t be irritated by them anymore. Then she felt something else. It was like his presence, but it felt like it was coming from her own mind rather than her surrounding. From there, she can begin to feel his intentions. And she learned that the poison she was covered in was to help her relax and recover from fatigues. It was made that way so she could be more easily aroused and reach orgasms as many times as she wants without draining her. And while she had his tongue inside of her mouth, there was a mild mind control property that was allowing her to read his naughty thoughts, which was influencing her to be aroused like he was. He also thought that what came in needs to come out. All these fluid that she was drinking, it was to be her nutrition as well as fuel for her ejaculations that he wanted to drink from. Knowing that he was excited about it, she swallowed another gulp.
She began to see what he was seeing. While her eyes could only see what wasn’t covered by his tentacles, she sensed he was able to see everything. It started to feel like a dream for her, surrounded by an unknown density of mutants, watching her body swimming in a pool of tentacles where he was allowed to do anything to please her. Her vulnerability aroused him. And he was filling his tongues that coiled around her body with nerve endings that aroused him, feeling her body as they rubbed around. And despite having only one little mouth, she was great at kissing the tongue in her mouth. And the more aroused he was, the denser his poison became. And his poison didn’t need her to drink it. Contacting with skin was enough to influence her with its effects. And she was becoming completely coated with it inside and out, allowing her to feel its full effect.
Knowing his soothing poison was seeping into her body and making her seduced by him, she attempted to resist him again and escape. But the only thing she felt was him getting aroused by feeling her struggle, only proving that he completely dominated her. He wanted him to try it again. It was weirdly arousing for her as well. But it only made him wetter while she kept sinking into the helplessness. And just when she sensed that he was getting excited about something, there was another tongue snuck up from below and began licking where the third tongue left absent a couple of minutes ago.
'Wait, the fourth tongue?’ She exclaimed in her thought. 'What is he eating me with this time?’
She couldn’t quite ask him since her mouth was full. But she quickly remembered that he can also read her mind. To answer that, he showed her a vision of another being that was fused with the leech’s mouth, a parasite, a kind similar to a leech that was feasting from its larger host leech, now found her as a new meal and began tasting her body. Its tongue was smaller than the leech’s tongues. But it was able to move much faster and felt slipperier. More importantly, it was precise. It knew how to arouse her intently. And she sensed that he intended to make her reach a climax with that parasite so it can drink from her.
He dared her to try to escape again. She opened her eyes moaned loudly as she spits the leech’s tongue out of her mouth. It was like waking up from a dream, but still feeling that parasite between her legs and his fluid drooling out of her mouth. But when she tried to push herself up, she realized there were mouths opened up all around the surface of the chamber. There were dozens, maybe hundreds of leeches and parasites all around her. And some of their tongues began coiling her arms as well. Not only they were weakening her arms, which were the only free limbs she had left, escaping this mouth means she’d just fall into other ones nearby and be molested by dozens of them at a time.
The sight of them froze her momentarily. She knew those things were going to eat her whether she manages to escape or not, each of them more than capable to drive her orgasms multiple times. And while she was stunned by them, he freely licked her genitals and sunk her a bit further, which pulled her attention back quickly. This host leech may have been good. But the smaller parasite leech was really stealing her from it. The way it moved its tongue around her vagina was quite literally taking her breath away. She looked at other mouths around her and realized they were moving in similar ways with the one that was licking her at the bottom.
The tongue slithered around her petals, flickering her clitoral hood, and pressing on her vagina hinting that it could enter her body any time she wanted it to. She kept swinging her hips, but to rub herself into it rather than trying to shake it off. She still felt other tentacles still massaging her groin, just waiting until the tongue enters her body and leave them the space to play on her crotch again. But at the same time, she remembered this tongue is from a parasite leech with its mouth lingering in between her legs. And if it is licking her, it was going to kiss her with its mouth as well. She knew how much he enjoys eating her as much as she enjoys being eaten by him. And from how quickly she was reaching her climax, it was going to be pretty soon.
For almost two hours, Cora had her whole body fully engulfed by the host leech where she was able to repeat beautiful orgasms. For both the leech and its parasites, there was plenty of time to enjoy her body. Although she was allowed to take breaks and snuggle with the tentacles, she kept teasing him by amorously played the role of 'a helpless prey’ as she danced among the tentacles. Without needing to worry about injuring his mouth by ramming her pubis into his face, she was allowed to thrust her groin as wildly or softly as she wanted to feel it. And with tentacles and slime muffling her voice, she screamed and laughed any way she wanted. Nobody outside could hear her. And knowing how much they pleased each other, they used their privacy in full potential.
It was past midnight outside in the forest when they were ready to rest for the evening, a dangerous time to stroll alone when the other mutants are on the prowl. She decided to stay over a night, cocooned in a pod like a larva where she can get cleaned and dreamed what he was seeing, being in the forest with him, hunting and watching the stars. When she was awake, the pod was moved to the surface and tore, allowed her to slid out as if she was given a birth, fully recovered and taking in the fresh air of the morning. He placed all of her clothes and gadgets near her and she was back in full gear again. She gave him a light kiss, leaving him to his hunt in the forest, and returned to her workshop back in the city where mutants weren’t allowed.
Back in Cora’s workshop, she was hosting a mutant, the same one she just spent the whole night in the forest, except he was in a human form while he was her guest. It looked as if he was ready to go out with his jeans and a white shirt, though also looked like he just came out of the shower. Cora wondered if his humanoid body has been ejaculating all night if he was feeling the same thing that his other body in the forest felt. Either way, there wasn’t any mark left anywhere other than both of them remembering their pleasant evening together.
Cora walked up to him and kissed him again. He still smelled pretty good in his human form.
“Coffee?” Cora asked as she faced him.
All he did was just look at her eyes and smile. She’ll take that as a yes.