Stolen Latch Worm - Page 10

There were other endings. Such as :
- Waking up in a bathtub, looking at a worm nest next to the tub and thinking about what's next.
- Just mingling inside of a giant worm for however long.
- Scene at the kitchen as Gina does her dishes, then smaller worms crawls all around her. And while some worms plays with Gina, others do the dishes for her.
- Unsuspecting Gina being mind controlled by the worm, making her want more while doing her daily life routines.
And so on...

In between executions and writings, this version was an acceptable middle ground which got me to finish this series that took me forever to get done.
I wanted to do other things and this has been keep holding me!

I'm glad it's over with. I hope you enjoyed it.


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