Oral Persuasion

Series of 2 images.

- Prologue

A poor alien visited her barn a month ago. A giant scary looking sentient worm who needed a shelter. She allowed him to stay as long as he pays the rent.
She looked on the internet about his species. Mostly peaceful, and unusually strong affection toward Human. Whatever that means, didn't sound like he was going to hurt her. And it was a free money if he pays the rent.

He never paid. She didn't mind. She was ripping him off for it anyway.
One day she was browsing a weird news network on the internet to turn herself on. Some of those messed up media's ideas helped her imagination better than those boring pornographies.

Then she found more article about her guest's species. It was explaining more about their 'strong affection toward Human'.
There were reviews from the ones who experienced those species 'intimately'. She found those details very intriguing. Her imagination was filled with rich images very quickly.
But then, why should she imagine it? There's one sitting in her house right now.

Without bothering to put any more clothes on and her ladyhood still moist, she walked downstairs and confronted him.
"You owe me. Time to pay up." She blunted on him.
The worm froze in shock and panicked. He didn't have any money. And she's a bit more undressed and wetter than usual that he can pick up her scent. He wasn't sure where to put his mind.
"You don't have any money. That's okay. You can do something else for me to compensate that."
She undressed her remaining clothes from her body. The alien's internal organs, tentacles, began to erect for her and started to show on his mouth.
"Give it to me. I want to feel all of it. I'll let you stick around as long as you can make me enjoy your company."
She made a delicious presentation. The alien was more than motivated to give all of his oral persuasion.
It's time to pay the rent.